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when i get home from my social work i volentered for this week i will post a picture of my wooki chin and cheecks before i shave it off because i have a important Hospitation tomorrow for my place on the uni for 2010 and i dont want to show up there as wooki i dun like the Nerds runnign around me bothering me for a autogram and call me chewbacca ....

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Tze germans Fur !

may he rest in peace he got sahved at the morning of the 18th Nov cause i got to go to a interview for on the Uni i registerd at

and yay i got the place so at least it was woth it to shave the beart


Tze complett picture of the lion *cough cough*


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Neckbeard and mustache was about as far as I could get.

Prior to the clean shave on the first, I had a really thick one going,

Had my mustache completely go to my chin, and I looked like I had a nice Billy-Mays going.

It's still pretty thick though, so I feel accomplished.

Sorry for the sub-par image, I moved while the camera snapped.

But at least you can see my curly-manstache-mustache, and a bit of the thickness in contrast to the background and my shirt?

Yay for making it a whole month~ \o/

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