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Eliza Yatsenko


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Sadly I am not much of an introduction type of person, but for the sake of at least getting something started I suppose I could say somethings.

I haven't really looked into nor been in an military organization so this is all new to me, but from what I have seen and heard about Ordo makes it appear all the more enjoyable. So hopefully I will be able to adapt quite well to all the new information that will be implemented into my mind if I am allowed in.

Not sure what else I can really say most of the time it just kind of flows out in yeah..not sure what else to say sadly.

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Well I applied through he website and saw the forum figured I could wait until I was accepted but I talked with Agares and he said I should join didn't really state a time as to which I could or anything. Don't know if I jumped the gun or anything but went ahead :/

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