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Mark Karlfeldt

Christmas #Swag: Post it!

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$50 cash

$75 gift card for an entire shopping mall

Golf bag, cleats, tees, balls, gloves*

Giant mousepad

Case of Innis & Guhn beer

50,000 pairs of socks

A brick of fudge as big as my head (I will need to take a picture. I can't comprehend finishing it in my lifetime)

*- folks reasoned that now that I'm out of school and work in an office, I will need to golf to further my career.

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Some shot glasses with pictures of famous Soviet/Russian leaders,

three CDs of the Red Army Choir,

several books on the Russian language,

forty charger clips for 7.62x54r weapons,

a sushi making set,

and an 1895 Nagant revolver.

The music is my favorite so far.

EDIT: Oh, and a wooden crate of 7.62x54r. Eight hundred eighty rounds. I won't need to order more of this for a long time.

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$100 Prepaid debit card

$20 gift card to a Sushi place in Boston

EVGA Geforce 460

Corsair 750w PSU

New computer chair

2x 48p boxes of Ferrero Rochers

Kindle Fire

Norelco 8140XL

1lb bag of Pistachios

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Some money

A nice little French-made Languiole pocket knife keychain

A coffee-table book of Soviet propaganda posters

A pair of swim trunks (gotta love living in the deep south)

Two vouchers for a day of free scooter rental (I guess so I can learn how to ride around on one before I finally get one)

First Christmas in 17 years I havn't gotten any video/computer games. I'm officially old. :teeth:

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Not as cool as some's, like guns or Keller's 50k socks, (super jealous bro.) Though..

$25 Walmart giftcard

Buncha sweets, cause apparently my family thinks it's okay to be fat or something, idfk

Buncha cash too ( I feel like a G now.)

HP 3054 printer, finally.. no more last minute panicks when i have to print stuff for school, lmfao.

Bottle of Reisling from relatives in germany, which i got two days ago actually, and already drank half of xD


iPhone 4s (omg~ I love it so much! Siri is my new best friend.)

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