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  1. Guild Career/Members Guide Career Advancement All ranks have added bank and guild permission advancements. Each rank above R2 require 2 additional weeks of membership and activity. (keep in mind your join date, if you sign up on the forums, it will record the date you joined) R0: Starting Rank R1: Requires 1 week of time in the guild and a level 50+ Character R2: Level 65 character or equivalent (auto 60 doesn't count) within the guild and a donation of at least 50k credits (or 75k current value, redistributable items) to the guild bank. R3: Activity on our primary voice program (mic not required) and membership on the forums (introduction post required) R4: 5k Achievement Points - 2 vouches from other staff members above R4. R5: Recognition and appointment from leadership and staff. Consistent activity and contributions, knowledge of guild structure and policy. R6+ Appointment by guild leader(R8) only. Advancement requirements can be pardoned depending on experience or contributions. Grouping & Teamwork We are all part of something bigger than ourselves and we all need to work together to achieve a greater goal. Communication: No matter how you communicate, do it regularly and pay attention to others. Do not allow distractions to reduce your effectiveness. Teamspeak(download) provides a primary voice communication source. This is required for higher organizational activities like operations and hard modes. Forums are where we document records, keep membership information, off game discussions and community resources. Kill Order: There's a natural and best order to killing things, unless dictated by your leader at the time.. Lowest life of the lowest branch first and always try to focus left to right or front to back of your approach. No markers Unless they're marked as or are crowd controlled (CC) Silver Stars then Gold Stars then Champions (silver-gold star) Use markers when needed. Marker order and common uses below. Target / Gold = Primary Target Fire / Red = Secondary Target Saber / Green = Third Target / Healer Star / Yellow = Fourth Target / Follow the Leader Gun / Orange = Ranged Focus / Healer Bolt / Light Blue = Crowd Control Target Gear / Purple = Crowd Control Target Shield / Blue = Last Target / Main Tank Loot Rules: Be fair, be consistent. Need only one(1) set bonus unassembled piece per full operation run. Need other gear or non-set-bonus unassembled only if you need it (mainhand/offhand/implants/earpieces/relics). Need on decorations & materials (Members are encouraged to donate materials to the guild bank to receive bonuses toward higher end recognition gear.) Highest end gear will be given out fairly and evenly determined by leadership and challenge.
  2. Written by Aldotsk (Anelia Sadowyn) Relic weapons! Zodiac weapons! As far as prestige among your peers is concerned, only shiny weapons from SPOILER REDACTED can compare to showing off how hard you've worked. With that in mind, let's review what it takes to get the shiniest weapon Eorzea has to currently offer! Relic - First Level Getting Started, ilvl 80 So there it is. You've hit level 50, you've done all of your class quests and you're thirsting for something else to make you stand out amongst the rest of your peers. You get clued in to going to seek out an old weapon maker, and what does he have in store for you? Why, a million tasks! So what does Gerolt want? Easy! You just have to deliver a couple of items as directed via quest, culminating in a double-melded i55 weapon. These weapons are crafted from items found in the earliest level 50 dungeons (Wanderer's Palace and I think Ampador Keep?) and take two class-relevant melds, always two of the same. The specific melds required change depending on your class, so make sure you read your quest details in your journal! Gerolt then sends you to kill the fearsome Chimera. This is a level 50 fight with no item level sync and is generally curb stomped by currency-hungry over geared folks. The next step to forging your relic weapon is obtaining an Ampador Glyph. This is awarded upon exiting Ampador Keep (NOT Ampador City!) and is generally a formality at this stage in the game. Next, Gerolt will task you will slaying a series of enemies. They are not difficult, though it might take some time depending on your class. Gerolt's next task is to slay the formiddable Hydra. You MUST be wielding your unfinished relic at this point, so make sure you equip it! This is another level 50 non-synced fight and is routinely smashed in Duty Finder. The next stage requires you to defeat each Hard Mode primal in sequence: Ifrit, then Garuda, and finally Titan. These are again all level 50 unsynced battles and, despite having some learning curve, are routinely defeated easily in Duty Finder. It helps to admit if it's your first run upon entrance, as many experienced players are happy for the currency bonus provided by new players. After turning in the three key items obtained from the Primals, Gerolt will finally ask you for a Radz-at-Han oil. This is purchased in Revenant's Toll for a relatively cheap sum of currency, so take advantage of the pile you've obtained doing dungeons and primal fights! Once you turn the item in to Gerolt, he returns to his force and finally grants you a new weapon and an achievement! Your relic is item level 80, but there's an easy upgrade available right away! Relic - Zenith Level Continuing, ilvl 90 No one is satisfied with an ilvl 80 weapon. Let's make it better! Purchasing three Thavnarian Mist items will allow you to improve your relic; Just "talk" to the forge next to Gerolt with the item in hand and trade it in! For you aspiring paladins out there, you still require 3 items to upgrade your sword and shield, but it's split 2:1 for your items. Yes, you can upgrade your shield before your sword for one Mist, but you're going to want to do both! This is the easiest upgrade stage of your relic process. Breathe easy, it's about to get serious. Relic - Atma Level Atma! Item Level "100" Progressing your relic is a "simple" matter of beginning this quest right near Gerolt. It will task you with obtaining a dozen Atma, crystallized essences of enemies obtained by completing FATEs with your relic weapon equipped in specific zones. Atma and Zones Central Shroud: Atma of the MaidenSouthern Thanalan: Atma of the ScorpionUpper La Noscea: Atma of the Water-bearerEast Shroud: Atma of the GoatEastern Thanalan: Atma of the BullMiddle La Noscea: Atma of the RamWestern Thanalan: Atma of the TwinsOuter La Noscea: Atma of the LionLower La Noscea: Atma of the FishNorth Shroud: Atma of the ArcherCentral Thanalan: Atma of the ScalesWestern La Noscea: Atma of the CrabAll you need to do is complete a FATE with your Relic Zenith equipped to have a chance at the item dropping. It isn't guaranteed, nor do you need to "win" the FATE. You don't need Gold medals or anything besides participating in a completing FATE to have a chance at your Atma! Yes, you can farm multiple sets of Atma at one time! As long as you have ANY Zenith weapon equipped, you can obtain an Atma from a FATE. Once you obtain your twelve unique atma and turn them in back at Jalzahn, he will turn your weapon from Relic Zenith to Relic Atma! The item level will jump from 90 to 100 and it will get a nice new paint job, but hey, what gives? These stats are the same exact as they used to be! What's the big idea?!
  3. I am often asked to teach people how to properly heal as a Mercenary or commando but in order to do so I would have to explain a lot and I don't feel that a chat box is sufficient enough to teach someone so below I will first go over on how the classes differ (in ability names) and explain a rotation I use Mercenary / Commando healers are the king of single target heals as evidenced below: Average crit'd heal (all abilities considered): 8000 to 14000. Fully decked out gear crit'd heal (Medical Probe / Healing scan): 10000 to 15000 Perfect circumstance crit heal (medical probe / healing scan): 13000 to 18000+ Commando healing abilities (Or healing related abilities): Kolto Bomb - Advanced Medical Probe - Medical Probe - Bacta Infusion - Field Aid - Trauma Probe - Super charged Cells - Concussion Charge - Med Shot - Successive Treatment Indirectly Aids with healing: Tech override - Reserve Power cell - Reload Utility: Emergency Medical Probe - Adrenaline Rush Mercenary Healing abilities (Or healing related abilities): Kolto Missile - Healing Scan - Rapid Scan - Emergency Scan - Cure - Kolto Shell - Super Charged Gas - Jet boost - Kolto shot - Progressive scan Indirectly Aids with healing: Power Surge - Thermal Sensor override - Vent Heat Utility: Onboard AED - Kolto Overload As you can see the republic likes to probe people while the imp side prefers to give intrusive scans, anyway the names of the abilities are set up so that Kolto bomb is the same as kolto missile, advanced medical probe is the same as healing scan, etc etc. Ability Explanation - Kolto Bomb / Kolto Missile: Base: 2500 Crit: 5000 Buffed crit: 6000 HOT: 1200 (2400+ if fully critted) 8 man AOE heal that heals for 2500 base - 5000+ average crit and gives them a small HOT (800-1000) Kolto bomb / Kolto missile CAN crit on multiple people but you could be unlucky and have it crit on only one person. Same goes for the HOT portion of this. - Advanced Medical Probe / Healing Scan: Base: 7000 Crit: 12000-14000 Bonus crit: 15000-16000+ Your highest heal since 3.0. Applies a 45 second healing buff on the person used on. Using this on a tank to give him extra healing is useful but not entirely necessary, heals are to be spammed to keep your group alive, not a single person. - Medical Probe / Rapid Scan: Average: 4000 Crit: 8000+ Bonus crit: 9000+ Your spam heal and something you will use most of the time, nothing special about it other than the fact that this will be your most used heal since it has no cool-down. When used it will also give you 2 charges of supercharged cells or super charged gas meaning you don't have to rely on your rapid shots / hammer shot to build cells in the midst of battle. Since 3.0 it grats 1 stack of critical efficiency which reduces the heat cost of your healing scan (5 per stack, maximum of 3 stacks so it can reduce your healing scan to a cost of 5 heat) If utilitied into it also grants 1 stack of power barrier. (1% damage reduction per stack, for 5% maximum) - Bacta Infusion / Emergency Scan: Average: 4250 Crit: 8000 Bonus crit: 9000+ HOT: 1800 (no crits) - 3000+ (if fully critted) Your utility / Energy free heal. When casted it gives you a buff called Emergency responses which allows you to instant cast healing scan. Also applies a HOT that heals f or - Field aid / Cure: Average: 1250 Crit: 3250 Bonus crit: 3800 Says what it does on the box. Cleanses physical and tech effects. (Also certain force effects but not all, touch and go that shit) - Trauma probe / Kolto Shell: Average: 1000 per Shell Crit: 1800 bonus crit: 2200+ Total: 7000 Crit: 14000 Bonus crit: 15500+ (altough it critting every time and then doing it under the best circumstances is probably never gonna happen) A HODT (heal on damage taken) ability, It doesn't heal for a lot though but it serves its uses. Always best applied before a pull. Get 10 charges of supercharged gas and then place it on everyone. Word of warning: This can potentially generate a substantial amount of threat on you, consider asking for a guard or aggro drop. Re-applying kolto shot mid battle should only be used during lulls when people are full health or near full health priorities of re-applying it should be tanks, healers and melee dps and then ranged DPS (in that order) Word of warning 2: If you are in a group with 2 mercenaries and you're better geared ask the other merc not to cast unless its an in combat cast. Successive treatment / Progressive Scan Average: 8000 (main target) Crit: 16000 (assumes every tick is a crit) Bonus crit: 18000+ Other: 2100+ Crit: 4400 Bonus crit: 5000 for each target ticked (up to 4 people) a Pseudo 4 man heal that hits pretty hard, one of the abilities that should always almost be on cooldown unless healing requirement is low. Also applies an armor buff on the person casted on and everyone that it additional ticks for healing. - Med shot / Kolto shot: Average: 1100 Crit: 2500 Bonus crit: 2600-3000 Hooray! with the support cylinder / cell you can now hit your allies with bolts / a beam that heals them and reduces your heat. Also applies 1 charge of supercharged gas / cells. This generally should be used when your heat is above 40 as a way to reduce it. Alternatively during lulls in a battle you can use it to top-off people. You can use this to build up 10 stacks of supercharged gas before a battle also - Concussion Charge / Jet boost: Heal: 1200 Crit: 2000+ bonus crit: 2500+ Just an AOE knock-back you say? WRONG! with the right tree spec you can turn this into an 8 man AOE heal that heals you and all allies in range. Note: If there are adds around try not to knockback them unless its necessary to keep the group alive. - Supercharged Cells/Gas: Technically doesn't heal but I included it as a healing ability since it amplifies your healing by 5% HOWEVER. just by being at 10 stacks of this and not activating the ability you get a 3% increase to all your heals so you only want to pop supercharged cells for 2 reasons: - to reduce your heat/cells (it vents 8 heat) 2 - you absolutely need 2% extra heals for a burn phase. As an added effect super charged gas removes the cool-down on healing scan/advanced medical probe. When you pop super charged gas only heal with healing scan during that period. (I mean unless you don't need to lol) - Tech override / Power Surge: Allows you to insta cast an ability (this can be used for both healing abilities or offensive abilities) Is your tank taking too much damage? use this in conjunction with rapid scan / medical probe (This also works great with reserve power cell / thermal sensor override) - Reserve power cell / Thermal sensor override Allows you to cast an ability free of heat charges (can be used for both healing abilities or offensive abilities) Are you above 40 heat / below 60 cells? Use it, because being above 40 heat / below 60 cells reduces your heat / cell regeneration (you get the most regeneration below 40 heat / above 60 cells) - Reload / Vent heat Reduces your Heat / Increases your cells by 50 over 3 seconds (15 instant cell regen with cell capacitor utility while also applying 10% alacrity for 6 seconds) I rarely use this as with proper heat management you wont have to use it. That said there ARE times when it is necessary: To save the life(s) of your tank(s) or to burst heal the raid group up to acceptable levels of health. Note that people new to merc / commando healing are free to use this but try to move away from being dependent on it. - Emergency Medical Probe / Onboard AED Nothing special, only your combat rez. Note: this shares a 5 minute cool-down with any other healers combat rez. So if a Merc uses his combat rez that means that a Sorc or Operative wont be able to use his combat rez. (stealth rezzes still work since that is a cool-down on revive) - Adrenaline Rush / Kolto overload A rapid heal that heals you back to 40% of your maximum health. You can trigger it when you expect a large hit that will bring you under 40% of your health or when you are under that %. Mind you should not be used if you are at 39% or similar health amounts. Ideally I would use it around 15-20% to get the most out of it without being in a danger zone of health. Rotation (deviating from this is alright but I will list the most perfect rotation as possible) Before fight: Get 10 stacks of supercharged gas / cells Apply Kolto shell on everyone (Optional: apply successive treatment / progressive scan on main tank for the armor buff) During fight: Emergency Scan / Bacta infusion Healing scan / Advanced Medical Probe (This will be an instant cast and place a healing buff on the person casted) Successive treatment / progressive scan Rapid scan / Medical probe (kinda touch and go from here but if you were to follow your cool-downs and keep casting it would end sort of like this: Rapid Scan / Medical probe Rapid Scan / Medical probe Rapid Scan / Medical probe (probably with thermal sensor override) Healing scan / Advanced Medical Probe Successive treatment / progressive scan Additional Notes Be sure to refresh Kolto shell / trauma probe on the tanks and perhaps yourself and the other healer(s) and possibly others in the raid group if time allows it. Pop Supercharged gas / cells if heat management becomes an issue or you need the extra heals only in extreme emergencies should you use vent heat / reload Using jetboost / concussion charge depends on your positioning but using it to only heal yourself is totally acceptable but positioning yourself in a group is better. It only costs 8 heat / cells (or 0 if you are utilitied for it. Im not but its an acceptable utility to take) Gear: 440-550 Surge, Rest of your gear should be power and alacrity. Main stat augments where possible since with the way I gear myself is that I only rely on the natural crit given to me by Aim and Cunning (might be worthwhile to get all aim and cunning datacrons out there) Things to look at here: Bonus healing (increases the base healing of all your healing skills) Crit Chance (increases the chance of you getting a critical on a heal) Crit multiplier (increases the amount of a critical heal) Alacrity (increases heat dissipation, global cooldowns, activation speed, channel speed) You gotta watch out that you dont get too much crit, gearing selectively and knowing what to replace in your gear will lead to a higher HPS/EHPS altough you cant really tell my statimization in the picture, I could actually afford to get an extra surge piece at the cost of alacrity the HPS/EHPS difference wouldn't be too high however but my crits would be between 18000-19000 on my highest heal (instead of 17000-18000) which is pretty to look at. Relics: Serendipitous assault Focused Retribution Get crafted 186 PVE relics, Current PVE relics > PVP relics Optional relic Boundless Ages (allows you to set a burst healing phase on your own volition) Note: The set bonus for a mercenary / Commando healer is finally worth it since 3.0 They fixed it! Sad part is that the main reason you want it is the six piece bonus (so you got a long way to go) Utilities: Skillfull: Custom enviro suit, improved vents, power barrier Masterful: Torque boosters, Protective Field (infra red sensors is also good here, heat damping is worth it if youre getting jet rebounder in heroic) heroic: Kolto jets, Thrill of the hunt (optional: stabilized armor instead of kolto jets in AOE heavy fights) Tips and tricks! Med shot / Kolto shot healing should only be used to top people off or if they are getting minuscule damage. I try to only use it when people are around 85% or higher in terms of health (edit your UI to show percentages and numbers) Only do this if time allows it or if everyone is hovering at nearly full health. If people are getting hurt too much while you are trying to top people off then don't bother doing it. If multiple people are grouped up and hurt use Kolto bomb / Kolto missile to give all of them a boost, up to 8 people will get healed from the bomb/missile healing amount and they will all get a small HOT too. Its not worth while to use kolto missile on one person, but if you can hit 2 or ideally 3 shoot em if you got em. If you're having issues beating a particular boss due to lack of heals consider getting 2 triage adrenals (since most fights last longer than 3 minutes) Consider carrying around medpacks or even giving them out if the above is causing your raid to wipe Always be stimmed when youre healing! Always be healing! If youre not casting youre not healing even if its med shot / kolto shot (if youre high health) If nobody needs healing either DPS or apply kolto shell / trauma probe for future phases. KEY NOTE: REMAIN BELOW 40 HEAT WHILE DPSING (unless you know what you're doing) if you dont stay below 40 heat while DPSIng and people suddenly need heals you might find yourself unable to give them. If you can, have someone craft you your entire 186 gear and improve your gear using ravagers, TOS. 186 comm vendor gearing guide: Bracer: Yavin med-tech's mk-1 bracers (if possible replace the mod with a aim + power mod) Belt: Yavin med-tech's mk-1 belt (if possible replace the mod with a aim + power mod) Earpiece: Yavin med-tech mk-1 relay Implant 1: Yavin boltblaster's mk-1 package Implant 2: Yavin boltblaster's mk-1 package Legs: Yavin med-tech's mk-1 legplates (if possible replace the mod with aim + power and the enhancement with either power + surge or power + alacrity. You can take the mods enhancements from the med-tech boots) Boots: Yavin med-tech's mk-1 boots Hands: Yavin boltblaster's mk-1 gauntlets Chest: Yavin med-tech's mk-1 body armor (if possible replace the mod with aim + power and the enhancement with either power + surge or power + alacrity. You can take the mods enhancements from the med-tech gauntlets) Head: Yavin med-tech's mk-1 helmet (if possible replace the mod with aim + power and the enhancement with either power + surge or power + alacrity. You can take the mods enhancements from the med-tech boots) Mainhand: Ask for someone to craft you a barrel and use the mods + enhancements from boots or gauntlets depending on your surge (if its around 500 you dont need more surge) Offhand: Yavin med-tech's mk-1 offhand blaster Relics: Serendipitous assault + focused retribution. ask someone to craft 186 variants or hope you get lucky on TOS (first boss drops relics)
  4. So with ARK:SE in full swing, I'm sure you may of had the thought "I wonder if I can mod this ?" OR you have had an idea of some custom stuff that might be cool or a full modification of the map, UI, Items etc etc. Well you can do it as ARK:SE has full mod support, The trouble is, it's a little confusing if you don't know where to start. So let me give you a helping hand as I've started this process myself, and to say that the set up is straight forward is like saying it's easy to play the star spangled banner under water, using a trombone, while being tickled with a feather while your toes are nibbled on by a baby shark. So just follow this guide and you will be up and running in no time. (Okay slight exaggeration there and you will see why) Step 1: Okay step one is the easiest and longest part of the process. Open Steam and go to Library ---> Tools and look for " ARK Dev Kit" , Right Click and Install. The ARK dev kit is (at this moment in time) 26.3GB of information, so Sit back, get a coffee and a good book and wait for this large chunk of Mod Goodness to download. Step 2: During the download of the ARK Dev Tools, you will need to register and download the Unreal 4 Engine, you can do this simply by going to this link " UE4 Engine " and clicking on " Get Unreal Engine" located at the top right of the screen. This will download the Epic Games launcher. Once downloaded and installed open the launcher, Sign In and download Unreal 4 Engine, you can also snag yourself the new Unreal Tournament game too for free. Step 3: The next step is to sign up to GitHub. (If you already have a GitHub account Skip to step: 4 ) Simply follow the sign up process, And verify your email address afterwards. Once you verify your email address move onto step 4 Step 4: IMPORTANT!!! This HAS to be done, or this will not work at all Once you're signed up with Epic Games & Github, you have to go to your Epic Games profile at Unreal , Log In, And go to your Account. And then click on Profile. Once in your profile there is a little box that reads: " GitHub account name" fill in the field with your github account name then click Save. Once you have done this you must visit the Unreal Git hub page located Here You will see a page that has information about Epic Games, At the top of the Window though you will see: EpicTeamAdmin invited you to join the Epic Games organization To the right hand side you will see a button that reads "View Invitation" Click this and a new window opens that looks like the image in the spoiler below, Just click the button and you are good to go. (IF you don't do this then there's no way in hell you can continue) Step 5: The next thing to do is make a pre emptive strike with ARK Dev Tools and download a necessary Zip file that is needed to make it run. If you try to launch the mod tools without these files it simply takes you to a web page to explain the process and misses out key parts, which leaves you confused, ranting, raving and wanting to decapitate a small stuffed teddy. I know cause that was me so one you have set upo your unreal engine account, your git hub account, accepted the epic games invite and have Unreal Engine installed you can then go to the ARK Dev Kit github page located Here And simply click on " Download ZIP" on the right hand side. Step 6: If the Dev Kit hasn't finished downloaded yet, just leave the zip file somewhere you can remember until it has finished downloading. When it does finish downloading simply extract the zip file into the default install location for that tool, and if your not sure where it is in Steam simply go to Library --> Tools , Right Click on "ARK Dev Kit" click Properties and in the window click "Local Files" and then click Browse Local Files Step 7: Launch the Mod tools and you're good to go. It can take 10 minutes to an Hours for it to all load properly due to all the shades, blueprints scripts etc that have to run so once the splash screen vanishes and Unreal Engine pops up just leave it alone cause if you try to do anything it will hang up, freeze and then come up not responding, so just give it time. Once it's done though ...... HAPPY MODDING And if it didn't work still even after all this leave a message below or send me a message :D
  5. I see a lot of people struggling to figure out what stats do what and what stats they need so ill try and do a short guide on stats. STAT TYPES Main stats Aim: - Used by: Bounty Hunters (Mercenary / Powertech) and Troopers (Commando / Vanguard) - For: DPS and Healers. - Not for: Powertech / Vanguard TANKS, they want to focus on mods with more ENDURANCE than Aim wherever possible. Cunning: - Used by: Agents (Sniper / Operative) and Smugglers (Gunslingers / Scoundrel - For: All classes and trees need more cunning than endurance wherever possible. Strength: - Used by: Sith Warriors (Marauder / Juggernaught and Jedi Knights (Sentinals and Guardians) - For: DPS - Not for: Juggernaught / Guardian TANKS, they want to focus on mods with more ENDURANCE than Strength wherever possible Willpower: - Used by: Sith Inquisitors (Assassins / Sorcerer) and Jedi Consular's (Shadows / Sages) - For: DPS and Healers. - Not for: Assassin / Shadow TANKS, they want to focus on mods with more ENDURANCE than Willpower wherever possible. Endurance: - Used by: Everyone (but DPS / Healers need to focus more on their main stat.) - For: A primary focus in mods for Tanks. 1 endurance contributes to and additional 10 maximum hit points available. (ex: 100 end = 1000 hp) Secondary Stats Absorption Rating: Increases shield absorption amount. - For: Tanks, increasing the percentage of damage your shield absorbs when it does. Accuracy: Increases melee / ranged and force / tech accuracy. - For: DPS (You need 100% Melee or Ranged accuracy and 110% Force or Tech accuracy). Less will reduce DPS by the percentage you are missing and more may contribute to diminishing returns (the points could be better used as something else or starts to have value falloff per point). Alacrity: Increases global cool-down speed, activation speed, channel speed and energy pool generation. - For: All healer classes except for Operatives and Scoundrels (I'm told a little bit helps) Often another stat may better accommodate your needs. Crit Rating / Chance: Increases the chance to critically hit (see Surge for more) - For: Only certain DPS and healer types. Mainly for builds that have a lot of damage over time(DOT) attacks or healing over time(HOT) heals. Most DPS or Healer won't focus on crit rating. Average crit rating a DPS could aim for is 20-25% Defense Rating: increases your defense chance (avoiding attacks) - For: Tanks, essentially a dodge or avoidance or deflect of an attack. If your defense was 100%, you may essentially avoid all attacks. Power: Increases your base Damage and heals - For: All roles except tanks. If possible always combine Accuracy with Power / Surge with Power / Crit chance with Power / Alacrity with Power. In all your DPS/Healer gear options, you want to make sure there is power in everything you can get. Shield Rating: Increases shield absorbtion chance. - For: Tanks, This increases your chance to reduce energy or kinetic damage with your shield. (See: absorption rating). Surge / Crit multiplier: Increases how much damage is behind a critical hit. - For: Mostly DPS and a few healers. Again if you focus on DOT's or HOT's this may be a primary focus. Ex: if your base attack does 8000-10,000 and you crit with a surge rating of 70% it CAN may do up to 17000. Tech / Force Power: Only on hand equipment. - For: All roles/classes, increasing this is a primary focus for DPS and healing. The amount is based on the barrel / hilt / armoring in the device and increases damage and healing. (A 186 barrel / hilt / armoring will provide the most tech / force power in the game. You can temporarily increase your Tech / Force power by 675 with a Nano infused triage adrenal for 15 seconds, however it reduces your damage by 20% and is only used for short healing burst phases.) Typical DPS statimization 100% Melee / Ranged Accuracy (maxing out your accuracy companion helps reduce the amount of accuracy gear you need!!!) 110% Force / Tech Accuracy (maxing out your accuracy companion helps reduce the amount of accuracy gear you need!!!) 0-250 points of critical rating (Although not something to stack on gear for most classes, max out your companion that gives crit anyway!) 440 points of surge rating (Again max out the companion that grants you surge) As much power as possible without sacrificing accuracy rating or stacking too much crit. Main stat augments Typical Healer statimization 440 surge all power and alacrity for the rest. Crit is bad but if you want you can put it in a mod and enhancement or two if youve reached the surge soft cap No accuracy in any mods, enhancements or augments whatsoever (It is however possible you get some accuracy by maxing out all your companions, so yes 91/101% accuracy is normal to see) Main stat augments (power is acceptable but I personally run no crit so I like to get all the natural crit I can from main stat) Typical Tank statimization Assassin / Shadow tank: Defense: 527 Shield: 1668 Absorb: 1808 Juggernaut / Guardian tank: Defense->1360 Shield->737 Absorb->603 Powertech / Vanguard Tank: Shield: 1800-1900 Absorb: 1200-1400 Defense: 550-620 Alternative (defense tanking): 1800-1900 defense 1200-1400 Shield 550-620 Absorb Tips and tricks: - PVE relics are king again! 186 crafted are better than any PvP now! - DPS and Healers ALWAYS want to get the current relics of Serendipitous Assault and Focused Retribution. Boundless ages is an acceptable choice also but remember to use this during burst phases (so during raid wide buffs or a beserk phase / - Tanks should augment with defense, absorption and shield augments. - Tanks should always use Fortunate redoubt and shield a Examples: (more adding soon) DPS marauder (annihilation spec) mainly 186 gear and some 190/192s, 198 offhand and in a 162/168/180 set bonus lacking: 200 surge, bunch of alacrity (stat budget is tight on 186 crafted gear)
  6. So as many users have noticed, Skype have been overlaying banner ad's at the top of windows, to the side of them and during video calls but they have a new "Fun" ad's that play sounds that completely destroy a call, Fatal if you're streaming while talking to someone on skype. And I'm going to show you how to stop this completely. So read on, and as customary, modification of files you do at Your Own Risk --------------------------------------------------- Step 1: Make sure your Skype client is up-to-date by going to Help > Check for updates. Once finished, completely exit Skype. Step 2: Head to the Control Panel and click on Internet Options. This settings area may be hidden under Network and Sharing Center if you don't see a direct shortcut for it. Step 3: Click on the Security tab and select the Restricted Sites icon. Step 4: Press the Sites button and type in the text box, then press Add. Restart Skype for the changes to take effect. Now is some cases this is enough to stop the Ad's, but we want to make sure they can't come back the next time you update so, keep reading Step 5: Shut down Skype & head to C:\users\[your user name]\App Data\Roaming\Skype\[your Skype username]. You should see a config.xml file in this directory. Right-click it and choose Edit, then find the line that says <AdvertPlaceholder><AdvertPlaceholder> and delete the entire line. Make sure to save your changes to the file before exiting. You can use Ctrl+F to find the line quickly. Note: If you do not see the App Data folder, it's probably because you don't have Show hidden files enabled. Click the Organize button > Folder and search options > View tab > mark the radio button next to Show hidden files, folders, or drives. Step 6: Mark the config.xml file as read-only by right-clicking the file and choosing Properties. Check the box next to Read-only and click OK. Now your chat window and video conferences will be free of advertisements. Hope it helps ya :D
  7. Do you want to play TOR on both sides without having to worry about getting the gear you need and getting pissed about lockouts, gear, comms and what characters have what gear, who needs what and where? Halve the need of gear you'll be going for. With legacy gear, legacy bank and outfitter this is now possible, more tolerable and a lot cheaper. The goal here is to gather enough gear, mods or comms for the character class groups you want to play. Class groups are the cross faction groups of similar class, like Jedi Shadow and Sith Assassin. So, choose a role and a class group you want to earn that gear for. Class / Role So, whether you've been playing a while or a little, the goal is to figure out what class you enjoy and in what role. So, I'm going to choose Assassin/Shadow Damage. I have a max level of both, so I don't have to worry about leveling them up, even if you don't, you don't have to worry about leveling them up right away, because the armor will be there available when you do get there as you work on it. Choosing a class set across factions is recommended because they use the same stats and recommended builds, this provides less confusion and makes switching and combat on both sides seamless. Legacy Gear and the Outfitter Now we need to get you a set of legacy gear. There are several locations you can acquire some, but it can take some work. Other players may have available to them legacy pieces due to veteran awards. Bounty Brokers, Gree and other event equipment may be legacy. The legacy gear will be your stat gear, It's where you're going to move/place/replace all your mods from now on. Now get yourself a look for those outfitter tabs and look how you want without worrying about what the legacy gear looks like. Acquisition With this path, you can use every character and every lockout on those characters to get yourself gear and comms. Just be sure when you're shopping you grab the gear and comms you need for the role and class group you are working on. If you don't recall what you have exactly at that moment, write it down, shop another time when you know, or just go look at it in your legacy bank. Yep, this guide recommends that you store your gear in your legacy bank when you're not using it. Remember though, once you pull mods out, it binds so you won't be able to sell it back. So, I'll be focusing on acquiring gear for Shadassassin DPS. It doesn't matter what character i'm playing, whenever I get gear or comms, I'll use it for my primary objective of improving that set of characters. Finalization To really get my gear going, I'll have my legacy gear stored in my legacy bank and I'll consolidate everything there. All the best mods for the roll/s I'm aiming for go into the legacy gear and go back into my legacy bank (unless I intend to use it then). Once it's done, I'll have a set of armor and weapons available to both my characters through the bank, the only separate thing I'd have to worry about on both characters is implants and earpieces. Don't forget to re-store your armor, or just remember where you last had it, there aren't many options of where it could be. Be safe and have fun!
  8. PvP is as simple or complex as the gamer chooses, in this guide I will cover the bare bones of PvP by looking at core mechanic. CORE MECHANIC: Core mechanic refers to a rule set, it is literally the game engine. It determines how the game plays and in understanding the core mechanic we can go a long way toward understanding a little bit about each and every one of the classes in the game. This is important in PvP because we can use this basic knowledge to help us securely navigate PvP in the game. All abilities in the game fall into one of four categories: 1) Instant 2) Channeled 3) Cast 4) Conditional 1 - Instant powers come into effect the instant you use them. 2 - Channeled powers come into effect the instant you use them but require you to continue to use them until they have run their course. 3 - Cast powers must be charged for x amount of time before they come into effect. 4 - Conditional powers are rare but an example is Kolto Overload. You use the power on yourself and when your health hits thirty percent or less the power applies itself, becoming active, and rapidly heals you back to thirty percent of your total health and will repeatedly do so until the powers duration expires. If you are already under thirty percent health it in stead acts as an instant power and commences healing you to thirty percent of your total health immediately and again will do so until the powers duration expires. This knowledge falls under the category of core mechanic because all powers in the game operate via one or more of these categories. In knowing that all the classes use their powers in these ways, we can see how tactics can be devised to help protect ourselves from our oppositions attacks. An example of this would be channeled powers. If at any point during a channeled attack, line of effect is lost between the attacker and their target, the attack immediately ceases and any future effect that would have come about is lost as the remainder of the power is wasted. The easiest way to break line of effect if you happen to be the target is to find something larger than you are and place it between yourself and the aggressor. Put simply, get behind something. A large rock or a pillar perhaps, maybe a ramp or some stairs. Unfortunately other players do not count as cover, even if they appear to be larger than you are so no -operation meat shield- and hiding behind your teams tank(s). -------------------------------------------------- The last time I wrote a guide there was a response provided from a guild member who suggested I break my next guide down into sections so it's not overwhelming as there will be a lot to read so I will conclude this post here and provide additional information via new posts. My next post will expand some more upon the topic of core mechanic.
  9. Operation 101 Introduction to Roles Tank A tank (also known as a meat shield) is a style of character in gaming, often associated with a character class. A common convention in real-time strategy games, role-playing games, Fighting Games and MMOs, tanks redirect enemy attacks or attention toward themselves in order to protect other characters or units. Since this role often requires them to suffer large amounts of damage, they rely on large amounts of vitality or armor, healing by other party members, evasiveness and misdirection, or self regeneration. DPS Damage dealers, as the name implies, are players who are responsible for dealing damage in the group. It is almost always abbreviated as DPS (Damage per second) or DPSer in-game. All classes have a DPS tree they can spec into also if you are in the right gear. Their importance should not be neglected because without reasonable DPS it may take a long time to kill the mobs and enrage bosses. The difference between good DPS and bad DPS is the most obviously seen in encounters where the mobs must be killed within a certain time for various reasons. Healer A healer is a type of character class in video gaming. When a game includes a health game mechanic and multiple classes, often one of the classes will be designed around the restoration of allies' health, known as healing, in order to delay or prevent their defeat. Such a class can be referred to as a healer. In addition to healing, healer classes are sometimes associated with buffs to assist allies in other ways, and nukes to contribute to the offense when healing is unnecessary. Purpose of each role in our Operations Tanks To maintain and hold aggro of enemy groups, or operation bosses/flashpoint bosses. Rotation/taunt stacking. Continue to grab the threat of all the mobs to keep them focused on you as tanks at all times, and doing what is needed to hold the groups until you are out of combat with the mobs/bosses. Bubbling Bubble your highest DPS at all times, they will be the ones that will more than likely generate threat at a higher rate without the use of taunts. When using a bubble on your highest DPS, you prevent them from generating a lot of threat, and can protect them from some damage as it is mitigated to the one who is providing the bubble. Defensive Cooldowns Keep these ready and handy at all times, in order to keep yourself alive during the fights, this will keep it easier on your healers. Only pop when it is absolutely necessary or asked by your healers. DPS Continuously beating on the boss/mobs at a steady pace, as quickly as possible. Knowing your role as a DPS, and knowing the fights as you go into it when you are doing your job as a DPS for each phase of the fights. Aggro dumps, know what they are, and you are required to use them. If you are pulling from a boss or group, use your aggro dump and wait for 3-5 seconds before attacking again. This isn’t a request. Healer Knowing who the highest DPS is Usually it is the tanks looking to their healers to know who will more than likely pull the most threat, so that the healers can inform the tanks on whom to bubble. Keeping the group alive Simple and straightforward, using the abilities you need to keep the group at all times. There are also certain jobs a healer must do during certain boss fights, and to know their roles. Cleansing Know your cleanse, and when it needs to be used. Operation Rules Know who the leader and lieutenant are of all operations These are the ones who will be assigning certain tanks/DPS/heals to perform certain tasks on any bosses or groups at all if necessary. If you know a fight or a certain mechanic, speak up, but it is ultimately up to the operation leader/lieutenant on how it will be done. You can ask for clarification after the fight, as to why it was done the way it was. Communication Communication is imperative in all operations, usually between the tanks and the healers. Communication should always be kept to a minimum when it is absolutely not necessary. Keep all conversations between breaks (IF ANY WILL BE TAKEN) and before or after operations. Interrupts When told to have something ready to be interrupted, know what you ability is, and be ready to use it. Three Strike System Strike One Informal Warning (will be kept in whispers on what is being done and how it can be corrected.) Strike Two Verbal / Written Warning (Everyone will be 'made aware' of the issue, so they can 'assist' in correction.) Strike Three Kicked (You will be replaced, no questions asked, no whining.) Parsing Progression Absolutely required. We are now using Starparse instead of ParSec, no arguments necessary. Information for the raiding groups will be given in teamspeak Other Operations Not necessary, but some may or may not be using it either way. When asked to see your parse Just let us know, so we can see what it is, what your rotation is and how we can possibly improve it. We have several people who know classes, and as a group we will help you together. Teamspeak It is required that you have teamspeak installed and be willing to at least be in it to listen. You are not required to have a microphone to speak but we do require you to be able to hear the instructions that are being given to you via TS. If you do not have teamspeak then you will not be able to partake in progression runs. End of story. Progression Group Summary: You will be asked to pick one character that will be your character that you run with. I have 19 characters but I will run with one in this prog group and the other 18 don’t mean anything when it comes to this. You will gear this one character and ONLY this one character in this prog run. If at any time you tire of a role but you wish to stay in a group you must come to an arrangement with another member of the team to switch out places. You must then inform the Progression Team leader so they can make the changes and see if things can continue the way they were going or ask you to wait until the group hits a certain point. All progression run groups will be set to Master Looter and we will do a /roll to see who will get the pieces that we need. When running the DF & DP HM runs if you do NOT need the set bonus then do not roll for the gear. I don’t care if 6 other toons need it you will not get it if you are showing a set bonus on the character you are on. I will ask people to sign up for these progression runs and ask you for your current gear list. I ask this so that i know where I need to start and the makeup of the team I can create. Pick one character that you feel comfortable with on Imperial side and on Republic side and stay with that character. I will also be making a list of people that can substitute in if one of our raid members cannot be available. If you wish to be on this list remember that you must be around during raid time in order to be chosen. Raid times: Sat will be Imperial runs and Sunday will be Republic runs. All runs will start no later than 4pm PST. It will run for 2 hours and then we are DONE. I don’t care how far we get into it. I don’t care if you want one more pull. At 2 hours we are done. Make sure you come with a positive attitude to try new things and also money in the pocket book. We are going to wipe because it happens in prog runs. It doesn’t mean that we suck or anything it means that we are learning how to do this OUR way. Prog runs are serious business but they can be fun. Let’s try and remember this. Just don’t let it get too out of hand as we are here to do a job. Less chatter more conquering the galaxy. ORDO FOR GALACTIC DOMINATION! Outline and Lecture by Xevrand. Posted by and Progression Group Information added by Kavia. Minor alterations made by Xoza.
  10. Mouse Acceleration .... is annoying, It can be a complete hassle especially in games where it can cause problems and force you to turn it off, well there is a solution and I always use it. I love having 1-1 scrolling and movement ratio with my mouse, now this isnt everyone's cup of tea but for those that prefer this, they will know how much of a pain it is to play with windows and games to get that 1-1 mouse movement. And thats where The MarC Windows Mouse acceleration fix comes in. Why do you need the fix? If you don't know you need it, then you don't need it! Some older games, such as Half-Life 1, Counter-Strike 1.x, Quake, Quake 2, Unreal and others, while they are active and running, call a Windows function intending to disable variable mouse acceleration by forcing ALL movement to be accelerated by the same amount (doubled). On Windows 2000 and earlier, that removed all variable acceleration. Pointing and aiming in those games was OK, because the mouse response was then linear (all movement was accelerated by the same amount; it was doubled). In XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.x, Microsoft changed how mouse pointer acceleration worked. Now when those games call the function (asking that all movement be accelerated), Windows enables the mouse 'Enhance pointer precision' feature, which adds mouse acceleration using a varying curve to control the mouse response. (It enables it even if you have it turned off in the Control Panel Mouse settings.) With 'Enhance pointer precision' enabled, slower mouse movements make the pointer go extra slow and faster mouse movements make the pointer go extra fast. It is not linear and not straightline. This is annoying, because where you are aiming at depends on how far you move your mouse, and also on how fast you moved the mouse to aim. How does the fix work? It redefines the curve used by the 'Enhance pointer precision' feature to be a completely straight line. The slope of the line is tuned so that every on-mouse-pad mouse movement is turned into exactly the same amount of on-screen pointer movement. How do you know the fix is working? You can test if it is working by temporarily turning on the 'Enhance pointer precision' feature and see how the mouse responds. (NOTE: Unless you applied one of the Windows 2000 or Windows 98/95 Acceleration fixes, only turn 'Enhance pointer precision' on for testing: it should normally be set OFF.) If you have 'Enhance pointer precision' OFF, then the fix will not be active (but it will be waiting to be activated when needed). Just as some games turn it on when you don't want them to, we can turn it on manually to test that the fix is working properly. Go to Control Panel, and select Hardware and Sound, then click Mouse. Select 'Pointer options' and check-ON/enable the 'Enhance pointer precision' option. See how the mouse responds. If you want, you can set the Control Panel 'pointer speed' slider set to the 6th, middle position and run the MouseMovementRecorder.exe program that is included in the ZIP file to see that the mouse and pointer movements are 1-to-1 and always the same. (The numbers in the MOUSE MOVEMENT column should be the same as the numbers in the POINTER MOVEMENT column. Any differences will appear in green or red. If you do see differences, also test with 'Enhance pointer precision' OFF, in case the problem is with Windows or MouseMovementRecorder.exe rather than a problem with the fix: - Press the A key on the keyboard while MouseMovementRecorder is running until EnPtPr Accel is Off. Press A TWICE if EnPtPr is already Off! - When EnPtPr Accel is OFF, if there is a lot of red and green, press the '+' key on the keyboard and move the mouse. - Repeat '+' and move the mouse until most of the red and green disappears. - Press the A key on the keyboard to toggle EnPtPr Accel and move the mouse. - If the amount of red and green is roughly the same when EnPtPr Accel is ON as when EnPtPr Accel is Off, then the fix is working.) (NOTE: If you use Windows 8.1 and have too much green and red, see more information below.) (NOTE: While running a game, you may see many red and green lines. Games that need a fix usually frequently re-position the pointer and this confuses MouseMovementRecorder.exe but DOES NOT mean acceleration.) Turn the 'Enhance pointer precision' option OFF when you have finished testing. (If you applied one of the Windows 2000 or Windows 98/95 Acceleration fixes, then leave 'Enhance pointer precision' checked ON to enable it.) Does my game need a mouse fix? You can test your game to see if it turns 'Enhance pointer precision' ON, and needs a mouse fix. Turn the 'Enhance pointer precision' option OFF, Run Mouse Movement Recorder (included in the ZIP file), Run your game (aim at something!) and look at the 'EnPtPr' column footer at the bottom of the Mouse Movement Recorder window. If it is displayed with a red background then the game has turned acceleration ON and needs a mouse fix. Follow this Link , download the zip file and follow the instructions, it's seriously simple and makes things so much better for your gaming
  11. Depending what sort of weapon you use and where you attack the vehicle will change your combat effectiveness against vehicles. Here is a simulation you can use to find the most effective means for destroying enemy vehicles. First you select a vehicle. Then you can select a weapon and adjust the defensive and offensive properties of the target and your weapon of choice. It will then simulate in real time how long it would take for you to destroy the vehicle.
  12. PlanetSide 2 is great. Really, it's the pinnacle of online murdering and an entertaining one at that. And I'm not saying that for the extra potato they might feed me! You should all agree it's jam-packed with content and depth that can make your head spin. The problem with this complexity and depth is the rather steep learning curve. A new player can feel disoriented and overwhelmed when they are first thrown into the fields of war. This is why a friendly guide is always recommended, and can make the difference between a fair-battle friend or a core member of your empire. In case you're wondering why everyone is silently looking at you, it's because Uncle Smed wants you to be your empire's next guide. What an honor! This is a respectable role and you‘re totally not a glorified babysitter. And don't give us that whole "I don't know how to take care of a newbie" mumbo-jumbo. Your mother always said you'd make for a great parent/drill sergeant. Still nervous? Don't sweat it -- we've got you covered with a solid list of activities to guide your green comprade to military adulthood. So let's start at the beginning, with... Level 1: The Absolute Newbie "Holy cow, one moment this guy is talking about making my empire proud and the next I am dropping from space and now I am surrounded by hundreds people with goggles and is that a floating tank?!" These are the thoughts going through your friend's head as he or she first land on Auraxis. The sheer scale of combat and the number of targets can become overhwelming. What your friend needs most during this time is perspective. Newbies need to learn how to recognize enemies and friendlies, locate objectives, and understand the rock-paper-scissors element that is so prominent in our universe. What they need is to take a step back, and absorb everything from the comfort of a hill. Might as well do that with a sniper rifle. There are a few reasons to start your newbie with sniping. First, it's a playstyle that's pretty consistent throughout FPS games. Chances are pretty good your friend has had a chance to snipe before, and sniping in PlanetSide 2 isn't going to be a world of difference. Secondly, it gives you a chance to calmly explain the world from a relatively safe location -- assuming you as the guide have a small amount of experience positioning as an infiltrator. You can literally talk and explain while traversing the lands for a nest, or even while searching for targets with your scope. You can answer questions peacefully without also evading bullets. Another advantage in pair sniping is how effective it is. You do not need to be an expert to have a good chance of scoring a few kills (or at least assists). Finally, sniping with a friend makes you feel like an utter badass. Let me elaborate on that one. Duo-sniping is one of those activities that forces you to roleplay. Not “level nineteen Druid” kind of roleplay, which involves no bad-assery and only a small amount of awesome. It makes you roleplay a professional murderer, or in other words, a huge flippin' badass. The kind of badass that gives you a bunch of military jargon that actually has purpose. Why is this jargon helpful? Because when you snipe with a friend, suddenly your goal is not headshots; you have the firepower to eliminate the enemy without having to aim at a tiny head. Suddenly, your goal is communication. Pictured: Best friends bonding over a dead Engineer. You will be telling him where you're looking and what you're targeting. You will describe scenery, direction, names, classes, vehicles, structures, and everything in between. You will effectively teach him about the game without him even realizing it. Before you know it, your friend will sound like a grizzled veteran. He will not "roleplay" a veteran to immerse myself in some magical universe, nor will he roleplay because of his insomnia-induced hallucinations. He will sound like an experienced player because that's how two players sniper together, and it just so happens to also make you feel amazing. Sniping produces the sort of fun you'll rarely be able to reproduce in other games, and it's the kind of fun that shows your friend exactly why PlanetSide is worth sticking by, even if it's a bit tough to get the hang of. Level 2: The Eager Beginner Your friend is a fast learner. Only three hours old and already choosing where to respawn without triple-checking you'll be there to greet him. He fiddled with the art of infantry and played around with at least four different classes. He died to snipers, pilots, tanks, and even his own grenade. It's time to introduce him to the next element of PlanetSide 2: vehicles. Driving takes a certain amount of knowledge. You need to know your strengths and weaknesses if you want to have any level of success. I do not recommend having your inexperienced friend follow you around in his own vehicle, unless you know for a fact vehicular risks will be minimal (if that's even possible.) I suggest you start him off by having him gun in your vehicle – preferrably a main battle tank. This way your friend is in a super sweet war machine that's iconic to the PlanetSide 2 experience, while still putting him in a learning environment that's low-risk, high-reward. Indeed, tanks are super sweet and also awesome. But moreso, they are a great way to show your friend what to do and what not to do when driving a vehicle. Being a secondary gunner is as close to first-hand experience as your friend is going to have without having him grudgingly struggle on his own. And between you and me, it's pretty nice to have your own personal secondary gunner that's eager to impress you. As a sidenote, consider being generous and upgrading your secondary gun. If all goes as planned, your friend will spend quite a bit of time in your gunner seat, so you might as well make it more effective. When choosing a secondary weapon, pick something that's easy to use. A small arch and high velocity will make it easier for your gunner to score hits, and hitting your target is super rewarding when using a weapon that hits hard. I'm a big fan of the E540 Halberd rocket launcher myself. Beyond By this point your friend should feel comfortable playing on his own. This is when you should introduce him to intermediate techniques that put both players on the same level of importance, without causing one player to rely on the other. Unfortunately, the internet can only handle so much of my written glory in a single week, so if you want to find out more you'll have to tune in next week when we reach Level 3: Double Trouble. See you there!
  13. Chat commands Long Short Friendlies Hostiles Range /say /sa Yes Yes Very short /region /re Yes No Same region (base) /yell /y Yes Yes Same region (base) /squadsay /s Squad only No No range limitation /platoonsay /p Platoon only No No range limitation /outfitsay /o Outfit only No No range limitation /tell <playername> /t <name> Only named player Only named player No range limitation /reply /r Only named player Only named player No range limitation Other commands Command Effect /friend add <name> Adds a friends /friend list Lists all friends and their online status /squad invite <name> Invites a player to the squad /squad kick <name> Kicks a player from the squad /squad leave Removes you from the squad /squad disband Disbands the squad, removing everyone from it. Only works if you are the squad leader /suicide Kills you, allowing fast redeployment /location or /loc Shows values about your current position. Useful if you need to report a continent failure/map bug. /outfit invite <name> Invites a player to your outfit (if you can invite people) /outfit quit Removes you from your outfit /report <player> Reports the player to SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) Lingo Term or abbrevation Meaning AMS (Sunderer) Advanced Mobile Station: the passive ability on a sunderer than allows it to deploy and act as a mobile spawn point. Also used to refer to a vehicle with one equipped. EI Enemy Infantry ESF Empire Specific Fighter: Reavers, Mosquitoes and Scythes. EA/ET Enemy Armor/Tank Gal drop Using a galaxy to drop a large amount of troops on top of an enemy position/base. Think paratroopers. HA Heavy Assault (class). LA Light Assault (class) WG Warpgate. Lib Liberator gunship (vehicle). MBT Main Battle Tank: Vanguards, Prowlers and Magriders. Sundy Sunderer (vehicle) Gal/Space Whale Galaxy dropship (vehicle). Spandex/Barney If someone talkes about Spandex he's refering to the Vanu Sovereignty and it's players. Smurfs The players of the New Conglomerate are sometimes named smurfs because of their blue and yellow faction colors. Zerg The (mostly) mindless mob of players that just rolls forward in a direction without any clear command structure or strategy. Usually results from a buildup of individual people that follow in an organized units wake.
  14. General Setting a vehicle to "squad/platoon" allows your squad/platoon mates to drive the vehicle. You can use the Vehicle Management menu (Page Down) to lock a vehicle down (only you can enter) or to only allow people in squad/platoon to enter. All vehicle weapons have a 1 cert each upgrade for basic ammo capacity and added zoom. HE = High Explosive. Great against infantry. Less effective against heavy armor. HEAT = High Explosive Anti Tank. Not great for anything, small splash and not great armor damage. AP = Armor Piercing. Great against heavy armor. Less effective against infantry unless you can hit them. You can use cruise control with vehicles to make them go forward without having to press any buttons. Press the = key to enable and disable cruise control. Use the function keys (F1-F12) to change seats in a vehicle. If you try to change to an occupied seat, the person on the seat will be can choose whether to change seats or not. Set up your personal waypoint by right clicking the map screen. You are less likely to make a wrong turn if you know the general direction you wish to go to. Any squad member can spawn in any Sunderer or Galaxy that is owned and occupied by another squad member. Ground vehicles Press B to deploy the sunderer, allowing friendly troops to spawn in. When driving close to infantry with no nearby hostiles, press T to enter third person mode. This gives you more vision on possible nearby friendly infantry. As a gunner, do not shoot at everything moving. This will only alert the enemy to your presence without really doing any damage to that Liberator flying a mile away. The default 20mm dual-barreled machinegun on main battle tanks and Sunderers does damage even to main battle tanks. Help out your gunner when he is engaging armor. You shooting at the tank too can be the deciding factor. Parking a vehicle where people using a jump pad land on kills the people coming in flying. Avoid doing this to friendlies. Do not park vehicles on vehicle spawn points. When someone spawns a vehicle there, yours will be destroyed. Turn off your lights by pressing L. Using them only attracts attention. Air vehicles Fly in third person mode (T) for better view on your surroundings. Rebind air vehicle exit to something you won't hit accidentally when reloading. There is no parachute, if you have to bail out, get low and get slow, then jump out. If you are going too fast or too high, you will die, the exception being if you are in a Galaxy or some Valkyries. Consider binding the pitch controls to your keyboard or (if you have them) your additional mouse buttons. This allows you to turn at the maximum possible turn rate, for faster maneuvering. Set your personal waypoint to a safe location you can use to resupply and repair. This way, you'll instantly know where to retreat to if you get ambushed. Many a good pilots have "retreated" straight to an even greater danger in an adrenaline rush.
  15. General Be careful crossing the road near a friendly tank. The driver can't really see well and rarely can stop in time to avoid running you over.Consider friendly vehicles as merciless death machines. Never assume they will stop for you and try and avoid them.Let the medic heal you to full health after they have revived you.You do not take damage when dropping from a galaxy dropship as long as you are not close to the flight ceiling when you drop. You do not inherit the velocity of the galaxy, so where you get out is where you fall.All guns do damage to fighters. Shoot at them to scare them away if you are under attack and have no Anti-Air nearby. Be careful however, sometimes shooting at enemy vehicles will only draw their attention to you.The knife (T) two-shots all non-MAX infantry. Use it on unaware enemies to save ammo.You unlock the Spawn Beacon from the Command certification tree. This allows your squad members to hot drop on your beacon, with some cooldown. The certification requires Battlerank 10 and can only be used while you are the Squad Leader.Never run over vehicle spawn points. Spawned vehicles will kill you as they appear.Flashlights on weapons are not useful.Most weapons require burst firing and the use of sights to be effective.You can switch fire modes (single shot, full auto etc.) with B.You can stop your breathing when sniping by holding shift.Headshots do extra damage, so aim accordingly. Light Assault Use your speed and agility to strike from unexpected angles. Going head-to-head is usually a bad idea.Your jump jets automatically activate when you keep space bar pressed down.Using your jump jets when dropping from a galaxy (even for a split second) removes the fall damage immunity from you.C4 is extremely powerful against turrets, vehicles, MAX units and clusters of enemy infantry.A pump shotgun will make you more effective at extreme close range, great for very crowded areas. Medic Friendlies you revive come to life with reduced health. Heal them back up before carrying onwards.You can not heal a wounded MAX unit.You can revive a MAX unit that has been killed, though it takes longer than reviving normal friendlies.The medic's abilities are an Area of Effect (AoE) heal that affects all nearby friendlies, and a device that creates a shield regeneration zone. Use them when they do the most good for both you and your friends. You can only use one at a time.Make sure to upgrade your healing tool. Many will not accept your revives if you have not upgraded it, yielding you no points, because they do not want the health penalty. The increased time and range also allows you to revive more players, yielding exceedingly large amounts of experience.The revive grenade is great. Use it when a large amount of allies die in a confined space. However revive grenades do not revive killed MAX units. Engineer You can heal (repair) a wounded MAX unit.You can also repair friendly vehicles, base turrets, generators, and terminals.Always drop ammo near Heavy Assaults that are firing rockets. They need it bad and you get tons of points.You can replace the ammo box on your loadout and still give out ammo by selecting your turret and then pressing B (change fire mode).Deployed turrets can act as cover for friendlies, even if you don't plan on firing the turret yourself. Heavy Assault Shooting at the rear of a vehicle does insane amounts of damage. You can two-shot a main battle tank by shooting at it's rear with the default launcher.Your shields also negate damage suffered from dropping.The default rocket launcher does the second most pure damage, behind the decimator. The anti-air launcher does least damage. The anti-tank lock-on launcher sits right between the two. The annihilator does the least damage. The empire specific rocket launchers are often better than the other options.Both lock-on launchers need three rear hits against a main battle tank. The default destroys it with two. Infiltrator As an Infiltrator you are given a set of tools that, if they're right used, enable you to unleash a reign of chaos at enemy frontlines by appearing in the middle, taking down a few of them and disappearing again into nowhere.You can choose between two very useful tools to reveal the positions of enemies within a wide area not only to you but also to everyone else of your faction. Motion Spotters and Recon Darts often make the difference between being successful or not! Always use them as much as possible!Hack all the things! Every hacked terminal is free exp for you, a resupply station for your friends and a nuisance for the enemy.On several scopes, you can use the Shift key (holding breath), to steady your aim a few moments.Hacking an occupied turret forces the (confused) enemy out of it.Cloak is not an invisibility: you are only harder to see. You are easier to see when moving than when immobile. An alert enemy will easily notice you.Cloaking and uncloaking makes a distinctive, faction-specific sound. In quiet areas, an attentive enemy may be alerted to your presence this way.Do not play like a sniper, shooting from behind friendly lines. Play like an infiltrator and get behind the enemy positions for maximum effect.You can not be healed when cloaked.You can not fire while cloaked.Enemies can not spot you with Q when you are cloaked.If you have been spotted by an enemy (with Q), you can remove the spotting by cloaking.Consider cloaking into an enemy held base, hacking a terminal and spawning an AMS equipped Sunderer. If you have a platoon/squad that can then instantly spawn when you deploy your vehicle, the enemy won't know what hit 'em!MAX Wait for a few seconds if you die: a friendly medic can revive you! Friendly medics will have a "+" symbol on the main map.Everyone starts with a single Anti-Air Buster on their MAX loadout. Use this if you need AA and there is nothing better available.When doing Anti-Air duty, lead your targets. It's no use having the bullets fly past behind him.You can use the MAX units charge ability (F) to quickly move from place to place. Great for getting closer to enemies, running away and just changing location.Switching out of the MAX suit invokes the acquisition timer.You can, however, change your weapons at any terminal without any penalty.
  16. There are so many different ways to build your character in ArcheAge and so many different class combinations that you can use. Although many wonder what are some of the best builds, we’ve got a few samples of class combinations that work to take the pressure off of trial and error. There are some builds that naturally do not work, for instance, mage and melee builds - while novel, players are finding out it’s hard to gear for them and even harder to manage resources and the playstyle. Remember you have to buy each specific skill with skill points, so you don't have to factor in EVERY skill in a skill set. BUILD BASICS There are a few primary skill sets that sort of define your playstyle. Archery for using bows, Battlerage for melee DPS, Sorcery for ranged DPS, Defense for tanking, and Vitalism for healing. In any build, you should only take one of these skill sets. Then, you mix it up with something else. The second skill should be your support skills. So Shadowplay for DPS, for instance, gives you the ability to move around the battlefield easier with spring, stealth, and different leaps. The last skill should be Auramancy. It’s just too good not to take on most builds. Immunity, get out of stun, teleport, a pull, and a shield are all some of the aspects of Auramancy and they help a ton. Going through the motions, we just came up with pretty much the best build in the game for leveling - Battlerage, Auramancy, and Shadowplay. They all synergize so well and you’ll be more powerful for it. As I mentioned earlier, avoid some of the “crazier” builds like Archery, Sorcery, Battlerage since you won’t be able to use the vast majority of the skills and not taking some of the other skill sets will seriously hinder your ability to perform well. DAMAGE BUILDS / LEVELING BUILDS There are three builds for damage that I think work the best. Well, realistically, it’s more or less a formula. Battlerage + Shadowplay + Auramancy - Melee DPSSorcery + Shadowplay + Occultism - Ranged Magical DPSArchery + Shadowplay + Auramancy - ArcherThese builds all involve Shadowplay which is critical if you’re going to do any damage. Auramancy is sort of like the non-damage support skills in normal games. Shadowplay allows you to get in close and control the battle. Occultism is the magical version of Auramancy, with pets and various ways to control the fight. You can replace Occultism with Songcraft, and the build will remain solid. TANKING BUILDS All tanking builds involve the Defense skill set. Defense + Auramancy + Vitalism - Default TankDefense + Battlerage + Auramancy - DPS TankThose two are your bread and butter tanking builds. I highly suggest while leveling to take Battlerage, just so you have some options on doing damage. Ultimately, anything that’s not ranged paired with Defense will make an excellent tank. HEALING BUILDS Healers should have Vitalism, Songcraft, and Auramancy. You can sacrifice one of these abilities and get Defense if you really want to be more tougher for PvP. You can’t level as a healer by doing quests, due to the lack of any offensive ability. Abolisher (Battlerage/ Defense/ Auramancy)Animist (Sorcery/ Shadowplay/ Vitalism)Arcane Hunter (Witchcraft/ Auramancy/ Archery)Arcanist (Witchcraft/ Auramancy/ Sorcery)Argent (Battlerage/ Auramancy/ Vitalism)Assassin (Witchcraft/ Shadowplay/ Vitalism)Athame (Witchcraft/ Songcraft/ Vitalism)Bastion (Defense/ Auramancy/ Archery)Battlemage (Defense/ Occultism/ Sorcery)Blackguard (Battlerage/ Occultism/ Vitalism)Blade Dancer (Battlerage/ Shadowplay/ Songcraft)Blighter (Battlerage/ Defense/ Shadowplay)Blood Arrow (Occultism/ Archery/ Vitalism)Bloodreaver (Battlerage/ Auramancy/ Occultism)Bloodthrall (Battlerage/ Songcraft/ Vitalism)Bonestalker (Battlerage/ Auramancy/ Archery)Boneweaver Auramancy/ Sorcery/ Vitalism)Cabalist (Witchcraft/ Defense/ Sorcery)Caretaker (Defense/ Songcraft/ Vitalism)Cavestalker (Witchcraft/ Defense/ Shadowplay)Chaotician (Witchcraft/ Defense/ Archery)Cleric (Auramancy/ Songcraft/ Vitalism)Confessor (Shadowplay/ Songcraft/ Vitalism)Crusader (Battlerage/ Defense/ Sorcery)Cultist (Occultism/ Sorcery/ Vitalism)Daggerspell (Witchcraft/ Sorcery/ Shadowplay)Dark Aegis (Defense/ Occultism/ Songcraft)Darkrunner (Battlerage/ Auramancy/ Shadowplay)Darkstring (Occultism/ Archery/ Sorcery)Dawncaller (Battlerage/ Defense/ Songcraft)Death Warden (Defense/ Shadowplay/ Vitalism)Deathgrim (Battlerage/ Witchcraft/ Occultism)Defiler (Witchcraft/ Defense/ Occultism)Demonologist (Witchcraft/ Occultism/ Sorcery)Dervish (Battlerage/ Witchcraft/ Vitalism)Spoiler: Dervish Dirgeweaver (Battlerage/ Witchcraft/ Songcraft)Disperser (Auramancy/ Occultism/ Archery)Doombringer (Occultism/ Shadowplay/ Vitalism)Doomlord (Battlerage/ Defense/ Occultism)Dreadbow (Battlerage/ Occultism/ Archery)Dreadnaught (Defense/ Occultism/ Shadowplay)Dreambreaker (Witchcraft/ Defense/ Auramancy)Druid (Defense/ Archery/ Vitalism)Earthsinger (Defense/ Sorcery/ Songcraft)Ebon Druid (Battlerage/ Witchcraft/ Archery)Ebonsong (Archery/ Shadowplay/ Songcraft)Edgewalker (Auramancy/ Occultism/ Vitalism)Eidolon (Witchcraft/ Auramancy// Shadowplay)Elegist (Sorcery/ Shadowplay/ Songcraft)Enchantrix (Witchcraft Auramancy/ Songcraft)Enforcer (Battlerage/ Auramancy/ Sorcery)Enigmatist (Auramancy/ Sorcery/ Shadowplay)Enlightened (Battlerage/ Archery/ Songcraft)Evoker (Archery/ Sorcery/ Songcraft)Executioner (Battlerage/ Occultism/ Shadowplay)Exorcist (Auramancy/ Shadowplay/ Songcraft)Farslayer (Defense/ Archery/ Sorcery)Fiendhunter (Battlerage/ Archery/ Sorcery)Fleshshaper (Battlerage/ Sorcery/ Vitalism)Gravesinger (Occultism/ Archery/ Songcraft)Gypsy (Sorcery/ Songcraft/ Vitalism)Harbinger (Battlerage/ Witchcraft/ Sorcery)Hellweaver (Battlerage/ Sorcery/ Shadowplay)Herald (Battlerage/ Auramancy/ Songcraft)Hex Ranger (Witchcraft/ Archery/ Songcraft)Hex Warden (Battlerage/ Witchcraft/ Auramancy)Hexblade (Battlerage/ Witchcraft/ Defense)Hierophant (Witchcraft/ Auramancy/ Vitalism)Honorguard (Defense/ Archery/ Songcraft)Howler (Auramancy/ Archery/ Songcraft)Infiltrator (Archery/ Sorcery/ Shadowplay)Inquisitor (Battlerage/ Shadowplay/ Vitalism)Justicar (Defense/ Occultism/ Vitalism)Lamentor (Witchcraft/ Sorcery/ Songcraft)Liberator (Battlerage/ Defense/ Archery)Lorebreaker (Battlerage/ Occultism/ Songcraft)Naturalist (Witchcraft/ Archery/ Sorcery)Naturalist (Archery/ Sorcery/ Vitalism)Necromancer (Witchcraft/ Occultism/ Vitalism)Nightbearer (Defense/ Shadowplay/ Songcraft)Nightblade (Defense/ Auramancy/ Shadowplay)Nightcloak (Witchcraft/ Auramancy/ Occultism)Nightwitch (Witchcraft/ Shadowplay/ Songcraft)Nocturne (Occultism/ Shadowplay/ Songcraft)Oracle (Auramancy/ Archery/ Vitalism)Outrider (Battlerage/ Archery/ Shadowplay)Paladin (Battlerage/ Defense/ Vitalism)Phantasm (Auramancy/ Occultism/ Songcraft)Planeshifter (Auramancy/ Occultism/ Shadowplay)Poxbane (Witchcraft/ Defense/ Songcraft)Primeval (Auramancy/ Archery/ Shadowplay)Ranger (Archery/ Shadowplay/ Vitalism)Ravager (Battlerage/ Occultism/ Sorcery)Reaper (Occultism/ Sorcery/ Shadowplay)Requiem (Occultism/ Sorcery/ Songcraft)Revenant (Auramancy/ Occultism/ Sorcery)Scion (Defense/ Sorcery/ Vitalism)Shadehunter (Occultism/ Archery/ Shadowplay)Shadowbane (Witchcraft/ Defense/ Vitalism)Shadowblade (Battlerage/ Witchcraft/ Shadowplay)Shadowstriker (Witchcraft/ Occultism/ Archery)Shaman (Witchcraft/ Sorcery/ Vitalism)Shroudmaster (Witchcraft/ Occultism/ Shadowplay)Skullknight (Defense/ Auramancy/ Occultism)Soothsayer (Auramancy/ Shadowplay/ Vitalism)Sorrowsong (Occultism/ Songcraft/ Vitalism)Soulbow (Witchcraft/ Archery/ Vitalism)Soulsong (Archery/ Songcraft/ Vitalism)Spellsong (Auramancy/ Sorcery/ Songcraft)Spellsword (Battlerage/ Sorcery/ Songcraft)Stone Arrow (Defense/ Archery/ Shadowplay)Stormchaser (Auramancy/ Archery/ Sorcery)Swiftstone (Defense/ Sorcery/ Shadowplay)Templar (Defense/ Auramancy/ Vitalism)Thaumaturge (Defense/ Auramancy/ Sorcery)Tomb Ranger (Defense/ Occultism/ Archery)Tomb Warden (Defense/ Auramancy/ Songcraft)Tombcaller (Witchcraft/ Occultism/ Songcraft)Trickster (Witchcraft/ Archery/ Shadowplay)Warpriest (Battlerage/ Archery/ Vitalism) The 11 most common class combinations in Archeage If this is your first time playing Archeage, you will get confused with its own class system. It is not something like there are only tank,dealer,healer, and archer. You will choose 3 out 10 classes, and there will be 120 combinations possibly , but not all of 120 will be good to play generally . I would like to talk about the most common combinations. Don't play warriors with bad ping ! Warrior 1 Battlerage+shadowplay+defense This one has high def against archers and warriors. It depends on your skills a lot. Not only you need to when to use skills, but you also need good positioning skill. It is like knight. You got high def, but no mobility. This class with one healer will rule the smaller pvp (something like 2vs5) Suggesting to party players Warrior 2 Battlerage+shadowplay+auramancy(will) This one has high mobility and anti cc skills. You would want to kill opponents fast and run away because it doesn't have high defense. It is more likely similar to Ninja. Use invisibility skill, get close the enemy, snap and run Suggesting to soloing players Mage 1 Necromancy+sorcery+shadowplay This is the most balanced and popular mage. It is good at both of massive pvp and small pvp. Not like warriors, they don't really have surviving skills. So, you got to learn when to attack if you don't want to be killed in 1~2 seconds. I suggest to who wants to play mage. Mage 2 sorcery + songcraft+ shadowplay It is a mage version of Ninja. Because it requires high int, you will probably have low hp. You can be killed by 1~2 skills, but this combination have incredibility dps. Average hp in Archage will around 10k~12k It can damage over 20k in a second. I really suggest this to skillful players otherwise you will just get mad badly. (OP vs OP lol) Mage 3 Necromancy+vitalism+auramancy It was OP in pre 1.0. I am not sure how Trion will include 1.0, but based on alpha version right now it will be one of OP combination. You can kill one enemy for sure, and can kill even 2~3 people in pvp by yourself if you learn how to fight. That is possible because it has good attacks + anti cc skills + survivability I won't suggest this combination since it will ruin Archeage pvp experiences. (but I know you guys will choose this for sure T.T , you can choose defense instead of auramancy) Support 1 (bard) songcraft+defense+auramancy If you love supporting, but not a healer, this is the best one for you. Songcraft buffs your entire party, and debuff one or two opponents so badly. Auramancy and defense are for your survivability. They can be used to interrupt enemies also. It is kinda easy to play, but you will fully need to understand pvp if you wanna play good. I suggest this to people like to watch how my parties and enemies fight with some popcorn . Healer 1 Vitalism+auramancy+witchcraft If you have good armors and pvp skills, you will NOT die. Yea, you will be immortal. This combination has all kinds of anti cc skills, so no cc will be effective against to it. It is kinda a tank + a healer. Because it has witchcraft, It is fun to play too. I suggest this to all who believe in love Mage 4 (caster) Sorcery + witchcraft + songcraft Sorcery with no shadowplay or necromancy is called a caster. It is not really a common combination, but for equability reason, I included. It can damage enemies with high dps only if your parties are good. This combination will be a shining star with good parties in pvp because dps and dpm are high enough to kill anyone. Problem is that it doesn't have survivability. You can do nothing against most of cc. So, if you are a solo player or don't have good friends, I would never suggest this. Tank 1 Necromancy+defense+auramancy When you see this combination and you are an archer, just run away haha. It is one of famous tank combinations. Necromancy+defense+auramancy will be used to attack and interrupt enemies. Also, you will survive for most of time in pvp because you have both defense and auramancy. I suggest this to who Archeage is your first time and don't want to be killed easily. (just spam the first skill in necromancy, you will be fine) Don't play Archer with bad ping ! Archer 1 Archery + shadowplay + auramancy It is an archer with high mobility and high anti cc, but has low def. It requires high pvp skill compared to Archer 2 , but it is really fun to play. Archers are essential in pvp at sea. So, if you are going to be a pirate, it is a good combination. One thing you should know about archers is that you need good armors and weapons. Damage of an archer per minute highly depends on your gears. In other means, you become super strong with good gears, but if not, you are weak as ... uhh meat ? I suggest this to who loves fast pvp. Archer 2 Archery + shadowplay + defense Last but not least. Archer with defense is kinda OP, but I wouldn't say it because it can be killed by mages easily. It will win 80% against archers, and 50% against warriors with no defense. It is lacking mobility, but it has high defense against melee and archers with high survivability I suggest this to who plays archer for first time in Archeage. Thank you for reading
  17. ArcheAge is famous for a very huge and interesting crafting system. If you are tired of battles, sieges and dungeons the game offers you to relax building houses or crafting items. You can create a lot of beneficial things. Products of crafting are very helpful during the game. Want to build a ship? No problem, just get the resources. The general difference between crafting in ArcheAge and crafting in other MMO games is that AA allows players not only gather resources but also generate them. Player can plant a tree and gather apples from it later. That’s amazing. In most MMO games crafting is only about creating new gear and potions. In ArcheAge you can not only create small items but also build houses, castles, walls, big and small ships and so on. The greatest thing is that these objects are really useful in the game. For example a ship allows you to travel by the sea with your friends and explore underwater territory! LaborEach crafting action – mining, gathering, manufacturing and so on - requires Labor Points. The cost of action depends on the difficulty. If the action you want to perform is easy you will spend few points, but if the action is difficult you will most likely spend a lot of Labor. When your character has no labor he loses his ability to craft, gather and produce items. Labor Power pool is limited and can be restored. All you need to restore Labor is to wait. Non-premium player recovers 1 point every 5 minutes of play (288 per day). Premium account allows player to get 5 points every 5 minutes, even when he is not playing the game (1440 per day). You can see your Labor bar above the experience bar. Professions Alchemy Alchemy is required to create potions that restore HP/Mana or add buffs, dyes, Lunadrops, Lunastones, Archeum Dust, and talismans. Cooking Allows to craft different types of food that give temporary buffs or stat bonuses. Handicrafts Allows to create jewelry (rings, necklaces, earrings), chests for clothes, musical instruments for bards, parts for racing car and other items. Husbandry Livestock related: butchering, milking, plucking, mount breeding. Farming Allows to grow of crops and watering them, also allows to create shrub for planting. Vegetables and cereals created by farmers can be used in Cooking. Gathering Gathering allows to gather different types of herbs and flowers for Alchemists. Machining Machining allows to create different devices (tanks, gliders, tractors, parts for racing cars and tractors, submarines). This profession also allows to upgrade machines. Metalworking Metalworking is required for smelting different ore into ingots. Also allows to craft heavy armor sets (plate armor) and diving suits. Printing Printing allows to create books and different scrolls for gear improvements. Masonry Masonry is required for producing different types of bricks out of stone. Also allows to craft Teleport Stone that allows to travel from one location within the island to another. Tailoring Allows to craft cloth and cloth armor from various textiles Leatherworking Allows to create leather armor out of leather. Weaponry Weaponry allows to craft metal weapons (swords, daggers, axes etc), shields and explosives out of Ingots. Logging Logging allows to gather logs for using in Carpentry. Carpentry Carpentry allows to craft bows, staffs, furniture out of logs. Mining Mining allows to gather different ore and stone from nodes for Metalworking. Also allows to gather crystals (gems). Commerce Allows to create trade packs (commercial boxes) and sell the packs. Professions without Crafting Fishing Fishing allows player to catch fish. The more you progress the better chance of catching big fish you have. Larceny Larceny allows your character to steal better. Composition Composition allows to compose music. The more you advance the longer the music will be. Construction Construction allows to spend less Labor power when you build houses or ships. You may notice that some of the professions are better to level together than others. For example if you are going to focus on Metalworking you may want to level up Mining in order to have enough ore for ingots. An alchemist may want to benefit from Farming and so on. Anyway it’s difficult to get all you need for your professions without trading with other players. Especially for crafting high level items. Leveling ProfessionsEach profession has 5 ranks (levels) defined in points. The maximum number of points is 50 000 for each profession. You earn points for every action of a definite profession. Here is a list of ranks: Points Rank/Level Novice 0 - 10 000 Apprentice 10 000 - 20 000 Journeyman 20 000 - 30 000 Expert 30 000 - 40 000 Master 40 000 - 50 000 When you reach the required amount of points for advancing to the next level you will see up and down arrows next to the name of the profession. The “Up” arrow allow you to advance to the next rank if you wish. NOTE: you can’t level all professions in ArcheAge up to the highest possible level. There are restrictions. There are 21 professions right now and each player can advance up to 5 of them to Apprentice rank, from which 4 can be Journeyman rank, from which 3 can be Expert rank, and from which only 2 can be leveled to the Master rank. So the crafting cap for one character is: 2 Master rank professions, 1 Expert, 1 Journeyman and 1 Apprentice (5 in total). As you see a character will have to set focus on limited number of professions and can become Master only in 2 of them. Benefits from Leveling When you level up a profession you decrease labor consumption for all actions within that profession. It’s a great way to spend less labor power.Sometimes new rank will give you new possibilities / recipes. For example you may be allowed to collect higher level resources or to use higher level items for crafting.Your chance to gather rare resource / or craft rare item increases. As you see there are many interesting professions. A character can become master only in 2 of them. That’s why trading and communication with other players is very important in ArcheAge.
  18. Guide: Newcomers What this guide will include: USEFUL WEBSITESSTORYGENERAL INFORMATIONSERVER TYPESFACTIONS AND CLASSESTHE USER INTERFACE (UI)QUESTING & LEVELINGLOOTINGGROUPINGTHE STORYPLAYER VERSUS PLAYER (PVP)COMPANIONSTRADECREW SKILLSSTATSGUILDLEGACY NAMESTRONGHOLDSGUILD FLAGSHIPS & STRONGHOLDSCONQUESTSSTARSHIPCHAT, COMMANDS & SHORTCUTSABBREVIATIONSMINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSRECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS USEFUL WEBSITES AND THREADS WEBSITES TORHEAD- A databse showing items, missions, abilities, crew skills, achievments and npc's!WIKISWTOR - A community made database, you can contribute too!The Old Republic on Twitter - Stay up to date with the latest information!The Old Republic on Youtube - Watch the latest videos of SW:TORBioWare - Keep an eye out for the latest games and information BioWare has to offerEA - The latest on EA products and servicesLucasArts - The latest on LucasArts products and services STORY Galactic Timeline Records 1-12 - All the info you need on the events leading up to the games current time.'Deceived' Cinematic Trailer - Watch the fight at Coruscant as Empire troops lay waist to the Jedi Temple'Hope' Cinematic Trailer - Watch the republic troops fight back against the wrath of the Empire MUST HAVE TIPS! GENERAL The in-game currency is called Credits. The symbol for this currency is: The level cap is 55You choose your specialization at level 10. e.g. Jedi Knight can become a Guardian or Sentinel.Note that once you pick your spec you can not change it later on at all. Though you can respec the talents of the skill set at any time for credits. ( Free if a subscriber )Mounts are obtained at level 10 for a total price of 40'000 credits. ( If you are legacy level 10 otherwise it is level 15. Note: if you have Digital Deluxe Edition or the Collectors you are given a mount for free. )You obtain your ship when you finish your class quests, usually around level 16Log off or spend time in a cantina to obtain rested experience. Rested exp increases the amount of exp you get for killing enemies for a certain amount depending on how long you have spent in the cantinaAs you progress through the game you will unlock a number of titles. To select a title go to the character panel 'C' select the arrow beside your name and a drop down list will open of all available titles.The name of your current location will be displayed on the top left corner of the screen, followed by the number of people also in the same location. E.G. Tython 147 means you are on planet Tython and there is a total of 147 players there.You can see your latency by hovering your mouse over the four signal bars below your minimap (located on the bottom right of the screen).You can see your current FPS (frames per second) by pressing [CTRL+SHIFT+F] at the same time. It will be displayed in the far bottom left corner of the screen in green text.To split a stack of items (say you have 20 crystals) simply hold [sHIFT+RIGHTCLICK] then drag the cursor into an inventory space. Enter the amount you want and it will then place the split stack into an empty inventory space.To link an item in the chat simply [sHIFT+LEFTCLICK] itSome items in the world can be modified. Modifying is simply upgrading your item so it performs better or looks different. You don't need a General Enhancement Station to perform this you can simply [CTRL+Right Click] the item to begin modifying. Drop the modification into its designated slot and click 'apply' for the modification to take effect.When you receive an item which is modifiable there will already be some modifications in itYou can also remove modifications from current weapons, simply drag and drop them back into your inventoryFlashpoints are the equivalent of "instances" for most people. Composed of a team of 4 players or less.Operations are the equivalent of "raids" for most people. Composed of a team of either 8 or 16 players. Difficulty varies accordingly. Most of this guide is brought to you by: Goshee
  19. COMPANION LIST Note: When you obtain your ship you will obtain your very own butler droid who says he isn't usable in combat but actually is. He can heal and smack the enemy around a little. Though he is pretty lame and isn't recommended. This droid can also be sent on crew skill tasks. C2-N2, (Droid) - Obtained when you are given your ship - REPUBLICCombat Style: Healer/Ranged DPSArmor: Droid PartsWeapon type: Blaster PistolPrimary Stat: AimSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: NAGifts loved: Cultural Artifacts > Technology > Republic Memorabilia2V-R8, (Droid) - Obtained when you are given your ship - EMPIRECombat Style: Healer/Ranged DPSArmor: Droid PartsWeapon type: Blaster PistolPrimary Stat: AimSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: NAGifts loved: Cultural Artifacts > Technology > Imperial MemorabiliaJEDI KNIGHT T7-01, (Astromech Droid) - Typhon (lvl 7 to 9)Combat Style: Ranged TankArmor: HeavyWeapon type: Blaster RiflePrimary Stat: AimSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +10 Bioanalysis Efficency, +2 Slicing CriticalGifts loved: TechnologyKira Carsen, (Female Human - Romance-able) - CourscantCombat Style: Melee DPSArmor: LightWeapon type: Dual lightsaberPrimary Stat: WillpowerSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +5 Synthweaving Critical, +1 Treasure Hunting CriticalGifts loved: Luxury & TechnologyDoc, (Male Human - Romance-able) - BalmorraCombat Style: Ranged HealerArmor: MediumWeapon type: PistolPrimary Stat: CunningSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +5 Underworld Tradeing Efficiency, +5 Biochem CriticalGifts loved: Courting & LuxurySargent Rusk, (Male Chagrian) - HothCombat Style: Ranged TankArmor: HeavyWeapon type: Sniper riflePrimary Stat: AimSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +10 Armstech Efficiency, +10 Scavenging EfficiencyGifts loved: Military GearLord Scourge, (male Sith Pureblood) - Hoth (Class quest right after Hoth)Combat Style: Melee DPS (tank)Armor: HeavyWeapon type: Lightsaber & Shield generatorPrimary Stat: StrengthSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +10 Artifice Efficiency, +10 Archaeology EfficiencyGifts loved: Trophy JEDI CONSULAR Qyzen Fess, (male Trandoshan) - TyphonCombat Style: Melee TankArmor: HeavyWeapon type: TechbladePrimary Stat: AimSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +5 Bioanalysis Efficiency, +15 Archaeology EfficiencyGifts loved: Weapon > Military Gear & Underworld GoodZenith, (male Twilek) - Balmorra (Awarded toward end of Balmorra class missions)Combat Style: Ranged DPSArmor: MediumWeapon type: Sniper RiflePrimary Stat: CunningSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +15 Treasure Hunting Efficiency, +1 Underworld Trading CriticalGifts loved: Imperial Memorabilia > WeaponLt Iresso, (male Human - Romance-able) - Hoth (Awarded at the end of Hoth class storyline)Combat Style: Ranged tankArmor: HeavyWeapon type: Blaster riflePrimary Stat: AimSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +2 Critical Armstech,+2 Critical ScavengingGifts loved: Trophy > Republic MemorabiliaTharan Cedrax, (male Human) - Nar ShaddaaCombat Style: Ranged Healer/TechieArmor: MediumWeapon type: PistolPrimary Stat: CunningSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +10 cybertech efficiency, +10 slicing efficiencyGifts loved: Luxury > TechnologyNadia Grell, (female Sarkhai - Romance-able) - Belsavis ( anywhere from lvl 40-45)Combat Style: Melee DpsArmor: LightWeapon type: Double blade saberPrimary Stat: WillpowerSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +10 Synthweaving, +2 Critical DiplomacyGifts loved: Cultural Artifact & Courting > Republic Memorabilia TROOPER Aric Jorgan, (male Cathar - Romance-able) - Ord MantellCombat Style: Ranged DPSArmor: HeavyWeapon type: Blaster CannonPrimary Stat: AimSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +10 Armstech Efficiency, +2 Diplomacy CriticalGifts loved: Weapon & Military GearTanno Vik, (male Weequay) - Balmorra (Demolitions expert)Combat Style: Melee Tank,Armor: HeavyWeapon type: Vibro SwordPrimary Stat: AimSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +5 Critical Armormech,+1 Critical Underworld TradingGifts loved: Underworld Goods > WeaponM1-4X, (Assault Droid) - Nar ShaddaaCombat Style: Ranged DPSArmor: HeavyWeapon type: Blaster Rifle or PistolPrimary Stat: AimSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +5 Cybertech Efficiency,+5 Critical ScavengingGifts loved: Republic Memorabilia > Technology & Cultural ArtifactElara Dorne, (female human - Romance-able) - Taris (By the book soldier)Combat Style: Ranged HealerArmor: HeavyWeapon type: Blaster PistolPrimary Stat: AimSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +10 Biochem Efficiency, +10 Bioanalysis EfficiencyGifts loved: Luxury > Republic Memorabilia, Imperial Memorabilia & TechnologyYuun, (male Gand) - Hoth (37-41)Combat Style: Melee DPSArmor: MediumWeapon type: ElectroStaffPrimary Stat: AimSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +10 Investigation Efficiency, +10 Slicing EfficiencyGifts loved: Technology, Cultural Artifact & Trophy SMUGGLER Corso Riggs (male human - Romance-able) - Ord MantellCombat Style: Ranged TankArmor: HeavyWeapon type: Blaster Pistols and Blaster RiflesPrimary Stat: AimSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +5 Underworld Trading Efficiency, +5 Armstech CriticalGifts loved: Weapon > Military GearAkavi Spaar, (female Mandalorian - Romance-able) - Balmorra (Republic Side)Combat Style: Melee DPSArmor: HeavyWeapon type: ElectrostaffPrimary Stat: AimSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +10 Armormech,+2 Critical BioanalysisGifts loved: Weapon > Military Gear & TrophyBowdaar, (male Wookie) - Nar ShaddaaCombat Style: Melee TankArmor: HeavyWeapon type: VibroswordPrimary Stat: StrengthSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +10 Cybertech Efficiency, +10 Scavenging EfficiencyGifts loved: Cultural Artifact & Luxury > Trophy & WeaponRisha, (female Human - Romance-able) - AlderaanCombat Style: Ranged DPSArmor: Medium ArmorWeapon type: Sniper RiflePrimary Stat: CunningSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +15 Diplomacy, +1 Critical SlicingGifts loved: Underworld Goods, Luxury & Cultural ArtifactGuss Tuno, (male Mon Calamari) - HothCombat Style: HealerArmor: MediumWeapon type: BlastersPrimary Stat: CunningSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +10 Underworld Trading Efficiency, +2 Investigation CriticalGifts loved: Underworld Goods > Tech & Luxury SITH WARRIOR Vette, (female Twilek - Romance-able) - Korriban (Pirate)Combat Style: Ranged DPSArmor: MediumWeapon type: Dual PistolsPrimary Stat: CunningSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +5 Underworld Trading Efficiency, +5 Treasure Hunting CriticalGifts loved: Underworld Goods > Cultural ArtifactJaesa Willsaam, (female Human - Romance-able) - HuttaCombat Style: Melee DPSArmor: LightWeapon type: PolesaberPrimary Stat: WillpowerSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +5 Archaeology Efficiency, +5 Synthweaving CriticalGifts loved: Weapon > Luxury & TrophyMalavi Quinn, (male Human - Romance-able) - Balmorra - (Imperial Officer)Combat Style: Ranged Healer/DPSArmor: MediumWeapon type: Blaster Pistol, VibroknifePrimary Stat: CunningSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +10 Armstech Efficiency, +10 Diplomacy EfficiencyGifts loved: Imperial Memorabilia, Military Gear & WeaponLieutenant Pierce - (male Human - Romance-able) - Taris - Imperial TrooperCombat Style: Ranged TankArmor: HeavyWeapon type: Blaster pistol or Rifel and Shield GeneratorPrimary Stat: AimSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +10 Cybertech Efficiency, +2 Investigation CriticalGifts loved: Weapons & Military GearBroonmark, (male Talz) - HothCombat Style: Melee TankArmor: HeavyWeapon type: Vibroswoard & Shield GeneratorPrimary Stat: StrengthSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +10 Scavenging Efficiency, +2 Bioanalysis CriticalGifts loved: Trophy & Weapon > Technology & Republic Memorabilia SITH INQUISITOR Khem Val, (male dashade) - Korriban ("Force eater")Combat Style: Melee TankArmor: HeavyWeapon type: Vibrosword and Shield GeneratorPrimary Stat: StrengthSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +15 Artifice Efficiency, +5 Investigation EfficiencyGifts loved: Cultural Artifact > WeaponAndronikus Revel, (male Human - Romance-able) - Tatooine (smuggler/pirate)Combat Style: Ranged DPSArmor: MediumWeapon type: Dual Blaster pistolsPrimary Stat: CunningSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +2 Slicing Critical, +2 Underworld Trading CriticalGifts loved: Weapon > Underworld Goods & Military GearAshara Zavros, (female togrunta - Romance-able) - TarisCombat Style: Mele DPS (jailbait jedi, a bit of a goodie-two-shoes)Armor: MediumWeapon type: Dual LightSaberPrimary Stat: WillpowerSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +10 Synthweaving Efficiency, +10 Diplomacy EfficiencyGifts loved: Republic MemorabiliaTalos Drellik, (male Human) - HothCombat Style: Ranged HealerArmor: MediumWeapon type: Blaster and Shield GeneratorPrimary Stat: CunningSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills:+5 Treasure Hunting Efficiency, +5 Archaeology CriticalGifts loved: Cultural Artifact > Imp/Rep Memorabilia & LuxuryXalek, (male kaleesh) - After VossCombat Style: Ranged DPS-Caster (Sith Sorceror)Armor: LightWeapon type: Lightsaber and Shield GeneratorPrimary Stat: WillpowerSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +10 Bioanalysis Efficiency, +2 Scavenging CriticalGifts loved: Weapon & Military Gear BOUNTY HUNTER Mako, (female Human - Romance-able) - HuttaCombat Style: Ranged HealerArmor: MediumWeapon type: BlastersPrimary Stat: CunningSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +5 Cybertech Efficiency, +15 Slicing EfficiencyGifts loved: Technology > Underworld GoodsBlizz, (male jawa) - HothCombat Style: Ranged TankArmor: HeavyWeapon type: Blaster PistolPrimary Stat: AimSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skill: +15 Armormech Efficiency, +1 Armstech CriticalGifts loved: Technology & Underworld GoodsSkadge, (male Houk) - BelsavisCombat Style: Melee TankArmor: HeavyWeapon type: TechbladePrimary Stat: AimSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +10 Scavenging Efficiency, +2 Treasure Hunting CriticalGifts loved: Weapon > Trophy & Underworld GoodsTorian Caldera, (male Human, - Romance-able) - Taris - (mandalorian)Combat Style: Melee DPSArmor: HeavyWeapon type: TechbladePrimary Stat: AimSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +10 Investigation Efficiency, +2 Bioanalysis CriticalGifts loved: Military Gear, Trophy & WeaponsGault, (male devorian) - TattooineCombat Style: Ranged DPSArmor: MediumWeapon type: RiflePrimary Stat: CunningSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +10 Underworld Trading Efficiency, +2 Biochem CriticalGifts loved: Luxury > Underworld Goods IMPERIAL AGENT Kaliyo Djannis, (female Rattataki - Romance-able) - HuttaCombat Style: Ranged TankArmor: Heavy ArmorWeapon type: Pistol and a shield generatorPrimary Stat: AimSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +10 Armstech Efficiency, +2 Underworld Trading CriticalGifts loved: Weapon > Underworld GoodsVector Hyllis, (male human - Romance-able) - AlderaanCombat Style: Melee DPSArmor: MediumWeapon type: Electrostaff, GeneratorPrimary Stat: WillpowerSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +5 Bioanalysis Efficiency, +5 Diplomacy CriticalGifts loved: Cultural Artifact > Imperial MemorabiliaDoctor Lokin, (male Human) - TarisCombat Style: Melee TankArmor: LightWeapon type: Vibrosword and Shield GeneratorPrimary Stat: CunningSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +15 Biochem Efficiency, +10 Investigation EfficiencyGifts loved: Technology > Military Gear & TechnologyNote: Doctor Loken starts as a healer. He gains the transformation ability after gaining affection with him.Ensign Raina Temple, (female Human - Romance-able) - QueshCombat Style: Ranged HealerArmor: MediumWeapon type: Pistol and Shield GeneratorPrimary Stat: CunningSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +10 Scavenging Efficiency, +2 Armormech CriticalGifts loved: Imperial Memorabilia > Military GearScorpio, (droid) - BelsavisCombat Style: Ranged DPSArmor: HeavyWeapon type: Blaster Pistol & Shield generatorPrimary Stat: AimSecondary Stat: EnduranceCrew Skills: +10 Cybertech Efficiency, +2 Slicing CriticalGifts loved: Technology > Weapon
  20. F.A.Q. - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. What are Crew Skills? Crew Skills are unique player professions within the game. They can be split in to three categories: Gathering - The materials gained from gathering skills are used in crafting skills Crafting - You can make various items through crafting, from lightsabers to medpacs Mission - These skills also have some of the rarer materials needed for crafting, amongst other things too You can have up to 3 crew skills maximum per character on your server. However, please note that you can only have 1 crafting skill per character. 2. Where do I get my Crew Skills? You will be sent to your faction fleet after completing your starting planet. Having gone up the elevator to the fleet's main floor there will be a quest at the mission terminal located just ahead of the elevator itself. Collect it, then open your map and proceed to the 'Crew Skills' area. Proceed to talk to every crew skill trainer for information regarding the skill to be added to your in-game codex and some bonus exp too. If you train a skill before talking to them all the quest will complete itself and you won't be able to get the experience from talking to other trainers! 3. How do Crew Skills differ from other games? Unlike other games where you craft the items yourself, in SW:ToR you send your companion to do it for you instead. Crafting an item can take your companion anywhere between a couple of minutes to several hours. This means you can craft whilst still doing missions or other activities, as long as you keep queuing up schematics. You can also send your companion to collect materials from gathering and mission Crew Skills too! 4. What does it cost to learn a Crew Skill? Absolutely nothing, the real cost comes from learning all the schematics from your trainer as you progress through your Crew Skill's levels. 5. Can I unlearn a Crew Skill? You certainly can! All you need to do is open your companion window 'N', locate the crew skill you want gone and click the small X icon which is located near the progress bar, to the far right. 6. What will happen if I unlearn a Crew Skill? When you unlearn a Crew Skill you remove all current progress and any schematics you may have learnt. If you choose to retake the same Crew Skill at a later date, you will have to start from rank 1 all over again. 7. My Companion returned with nothing! Is this a bug? No, your Companion can fail Crew Skill missions and return with nothing. This is intended. They can't fail at crafting an item however. 8. My Companion returned with an item but something happened and I didn't take it! What do I do?! When this occurs the mission isn't yet completed. It is however, pending. You can still claim the rewards so don't worry! You can see your pending missions in the top right corner of the screen next to the quest tracker. Simply click it and claim your reward to fully complete the mission! 9. Can I disenchant an item? Yes you can! However in SW:ToR the process is called "REVERSE ENGINEERING" look at the reverse engineering section of the guide to learn more! There is also a great Reverse Engineering guide made by Slaign in this very forum and is in the useful links above. 10. Do I need to carry all these crafting materials around with me everywhere I go? No not at all! You can put all your crafting materials in your cargo hold (bank), your Companions automatically take the materials from there, as well as your inventory! 11. Help! I can't see any of my Crew Skill missions or companions! What do I do?! This is a bug with the UI (user interface). If you are experiencing this problem, all you have to do is hit [CTRL+U] twice to reset your UI. Hitting it once will turn it off, hitting it again will turn it back on. 12. How many companions can I send out at once? Your current level will determine how many companions you can send on a crew skill task at any given time. Here is the 'max deployable' list according to character level: [Level 10] - 1 [Level 15] - 2 [Level 25] - 3 [Level 41] - 4 [Level 48] - 5 GENERAL You can have a maximum of 3 crew skills at any timeYou can have up to 3 gathering skills at the same timeYou can have up to 3 mission skills at the same timeYou can only have 1 crafting skill at any given timeTo unlearn a skill open up the Crew Skills pane 'N' locate the skill you want rid of then click the small 'x' on the far rightIf you remove a skill you lose all current progress, relearning the same skill will start you at level 1 againIf you unlearn a skill you also lose any rare schematics you may have obtainedThere are no limitations on what class does what type of craftingYou will get a quest around level 10 which will tell you to research a crew skillEach one you talk to gives a nice sum of exp so make sure you talk to them all!Companions can't die on crafting missions but they can failGathering professions allow you access to various nodes around the worldIf your companion is by your side, right clicking on a node will make your companion take itIf your companion is by your side and you want to take the node, simply [sHIFT+RIGHT CLICK]If your companion isn't by your side (dismissed or on a crew skill mission) right clicking will cause you to take the loot providing you are in range.Crew Skills belong to you not your companionThe time it takes to complete a crew skills depends on your companions affection and efficiency. High affection will result in a lower completion time.If your companion has an efficiency bonus to a particular crew skill this will also reduce the time needed in crafting and gathering/missions to that one skill.Crafting missions can take between 2mins to 24hrsOne companion can queue up 5 crafting sessions max, you can keep adding to the queue once a job is completed however. But the total can't exceed 5 at a time.To queue multiple crafting sessions simply keep clicking 'craft' on whatever item you want your companion to create.If you cancel a crafting session before it is completed, you are refunded the materials immediatelyIf you cancel a crew skill mission before it is completed, you will be refunded the cost of starting the task. The only thing lost will be the time you spent previous to cancelling it.The crafting queue can be seen underneath the name of the companion you assigned it toGathering skills can help in flashpoints, for example, if you have a high enough slicing level you may be able to open a door which provides a shortcut.You can store your gathering materials in the bank and your companion will still have access to them! You don't need to carry them around with you wherever you go!CUSTOM ITEMS CUSTOM items are the new item rarity within the gameThe idea behind custom armour and weapons is so you can have the gear you find aesthetically pleasing ("looks cool" in layman's terms) and it will still be viable in combat by modding the items regularly.Any items shown with an orange border are fully moddableThese new fully moddable orange items came from old PROTOTYPE items (blue) and their colours where swappedRemember orange items do not mean legendary!Custom gear is fairly common in the game and can be crafted in certain crew skills.It can be obtained through class quests around level 8, as social gear, as space quest rewards and as light side / dark side gear. Some Crew Skills also allow you to create your own custom gear.Custom gear is also the typical gear found in flashpoints as rewards for heroic missionsSeveral pieces can be obtained through using planetary commendationsOn critical successes, crafted Custom (orange) gear now receives an Augment slot.Craftable Custom (orange) Battlemaster and War Hero PvP armor has been added to Synthweaving and Armormech. The schematics for these items can be purchased from Battlemaster and War Hero vendors.All skills now have their recommended crafting, gathering and mission skills after them. Skills are also color coded. Find the skill you want, note its colour, then simply find other skills of the same colour. Note: If a skill has two colours then its beneficial to more than one profession. The types of crew skills are as follows: GATHERING SKILLS - Maximum of 3 at any time ARCHAEOLOGY Archaeology is the study of crystal formations and archaeological finds. Crystal formations contain crystals that an Artificer can use to construct lightsaber modifications and armor for Force users. Archaeological finds contain artifact fragments of Force-imbued technology. These valuable items contain ancient formulas and algorithms used in the crafting skills Artifice and Synthweaving. Archaeologists can send their companions on missions to gather resources.YIELD: Artifact Fragment - Color Crystals - Power Crystals RECOMMENDED CRAFTING SKILLS: ARTIFICE, SYNTHWEAVING BIOANALYSIS Bioanalysis is the practice of collecting genetic material from creatures and vegetation. Genetic materials include cell fibers, bacterial strains, toxic extracts and medical fluids. Biochemists use these materials to create medpacs to restore health, stimulants (single-use injections) that provide a boost to physical abilities, and biological implants that enhance combat prowess by stimulating neural networks and regulating brain system functions. The crafting skill Biochem utilizes Bioanalysis resources. Bioanalysts can send their companions on missions to gather resources.YIELD: Biochemical Compounds - Biochemical Samples RECOMMENDED CRAFTING SKILLS: BIOCHEM SCAVENGING Scavenging is the art of salvaging useful parts and base materials such as metals, alloys and synthetic Compounds from potential technological resources-junk piles, fallen droids, abandoned cargo, and broken Down vehicles. The crafting skills Armormech, Armstech, and Cybertech utilize Scavenging resources. Scavengers can send their companions on missions to gather resources.YIELD: Scavenged Compounds - Scavenged Metals - Flux RECOMMENDED CRAFTING SKILLS: ARMORMECH, ARMSTECH, CYBERTECH SLICING Slicing is not a skill required for crafting. Slicing is the art of accessing secure computer systems and lockboxes to acquire valuable items, credits and rare tech schematics. Common Slicing targets include electronic safes, date stations, security mainframes and biometric footlockers. These targets contain credits, rare tech schematics used to construct Cybertech gadgets, vehicles and space upgrades, and mission discovery objects that unlock challenging missions that can potentially yield great rewards. Slicers can send their companions on missions to retrieve these valuable items. Other possible mission rewards include Sliced Tech Parts which are consumed by Synthweaving, Armstech, and Armormech as a component for crafting Augments. Augment schematics can also be found upon critical mission success.YIELD: Sliced Tech Parts - Lockboxes - Mission Discoveries - Cybertech Schematics - Augment Schematics RECOMMENDED CRAFTING SKILLS: ALL (cybertech benefits the most) CRAFTING SKILLS - Maximum of 1 at any time ARMORMECH Armormech is the ability to work with hard metals, alloys and synthetic materials to construct armor & augments for non-Force users. Vendor-purchased fluxes are used during the armor creation process to refine the materials to ensure suitability. Armormechs can reverse engineer their crafted armor and possibly discover new ways to improve armor creation.Craftable Augments - Aim, Cunning, Shield, and Absorb YIELD: Medium Non Force User Armor - Heavy Non Force User Armor - Custom Non Force User Armor - Augments RECOMMENDED GATHERING SKILLS: SCAVENGING ARMSTECH Armstech is the ability to work with hard metals, alloys and synthetic materials to craft blasters, blaster modifications & augments. Vendor-purchased fluxes are used during the weapon creation process to refine the materials to ensure suitability. Crafted blasters include blaster pistols, blaster rifles, sniper rifles, assault cannons and shotguns. Blaster modifications include blaster barrels. Melee weapons include vibroblades and electrostaves. Armstechs can reverse-engineer their crafted blasters and possibly discover new ways to improve their creation.Craftable Augments - Endurance, Surge, Critical, Accuracy, and Power YIELD: Blaster Pistol - Blaster Rifle - Assault Cannon - Sniper Rifle - Vibrosword - Vibroknife - Electrostaff - Techstaff - Techblade - Scattergun - Weapon Barrels - Custom Ranged & Melee Weapons - Augments RECOMMENDED GATHERING SKILLS: SCAVENGING ARTIFICE Artifice is the delicate skill of constructing lightsaber modifications, enhancements, generators and focii. Lightsaber modifications include color crystals and hilts that augment a Force user's combat attributes. Color crystals determine beam and bolt color for lightsabers and blasters. Enhancements are modification upgrades for weapons and armor. Artificiers can reverse engineer their crafted items and possibly discover new ways to improve their creation.YIELD: Lightsaber - Double-Bladed Lightsaber - Lightsaber Hilts - Lightsaber Crystals - Enhancements - Generators - Shields - Focus Crystals RECOMMENDED GATHERING SKILLS: ARCHAEOLOGY BIOCHEM Biochem is the skill involved in crafting medical supplies, performance-enhancing chemical serums and biological implants. Biochemists can create medpacs to restore health, stimulants (single-use injections) that provide a boost to physical abilities, and biological implants that enhance combat prowess by stimulating neural networks and regulating brain stem functions. Biochemists can reverse engineer their crafted implants and possibly discover new ways to improve implant creation.YIELD: Medpacs - Reusable Medpacs - Stims - Reusable Stims - Implants RECOMMENDED GATHERING SKILLS: BIOANALYSIS CYBERTECH Cybertech is the skill to assemble droid armor, earpieces, grenades, armoring, mods and miscellaneous gadgets. Armoring and mods are upgrade modifications that augment combat ability. Earpieces are external mini-computers that are worn on or near the ear. They enhance combat prowess by giving audio and visual feedback to the wearer or though direct neural feedback via an external nerve relay. Cybertechs can reverse engineer their crafted items and possibly discover new ways to improve their creation.YIELD: Armoring - Mods - Ear Pieces - Droid Parts - Ship Mods - Bombs - Speeders - Gadgets RECOMMENDED GATHERING SKILLS: SCAVENGING SYNTHWEAVING Synthweaving is the process of fabricating synthetic materials out of crystals, various chemicals and artifact fragments to construct armor & augments for Force users. Vendors provide premade solutions, suspensions and composites that are used during the Synthweaving process. Synthweavers can reverse engineer their crafted armor and possibly discover new ways to improve armor creating.Craftable Augments: Strength, Willpower, Defense, Alacrity, and Presence YIELD: Light/Medium/Heavy Force User Armors - Augments RECOMMENDED GATHERING SKILLS: ARCHAEOLOGY MISSION SKILLS - Maximum of 3 at any time DIPLOMACY Diplomacy is the art of conducting and managing negotiations. Sending your companions on diplomatic missions can influence your light side or dark side standing. In addition to light side and dark side influence, possible Diplomacy rewards include medical supplies used to construct prototype and artifact implants, medpacs, stimulants, adrenals and gifts for companions to raise their Affection rating.YIELD: Light/Dark Side points - Medical Supplies - Companion Gifts RECOMMENDED CRAFTING SKILLS: BIOCHEM INVESTIGATION Investigation is the skill of researching, gathering, analyzing and decoding secret information. Sending your companions on Investigation missions can yield valuable items in the form of researched compounds used to construct prototype and artifact weapons and blaster barrels, prototype schematics for all crafts, custom tech weapon schematics and gifts for companions to raise their Affection rating. All crafting skills benefit for the schematics.YIELD: Researched Compounds - Prototype Schematics - Custom Tech Weapon Schematics - Power Stat Crystal Schematics - Companion Gifts RECOMMENDED CRAFTING SKILLS: ARMSTECH, ALL (for schematics) TREASURE HUNTING Treasure Hunting is the ability to track down and recover valuable items by following a series of clues. Companion characters sent on Treasure Hunting missions can return with Custom (orange) lightsaber schematic, rare gemstones used to construct prototype and artifact enhancement, hilts, color crystals, focii and generators. Other possible rewards include lockboxes that can hold contain valuable items or credits and gifts for companions to raise their Affection rating.YIELD: Gemstones - Lockboxes - Custom Lightsaber Schematics - Companion Gifts RECOMMENDED CRAFTING SKILLS: ARTIFICE UNDERWORLD TRADING Underworld Trading entails the exchange of goods and services on the galactic black market. Sending your companions on Underworld Trading missions can yield luxury fabrics and underworld metals used to construct prototype and artifact armor, earpieces, grenades, space upgrades and weapons and armor modifications. Other possible rewards include gifts for companions to raise their Affection rating and custom schematics.YIELD: Underworld Metal - Luxury Fabric - Companion Gifts - Custom Schematics RECOMMENDED CRAFTING SKILLS: ARMORMECH, CYBERTECH, SYNTHWEAVING WHAT IS A GOOD CHOICE FOR MY CLASS? REPUBLIC Jedi Knight - Artifice, Synthweaving, Biochem, CybertechJedi Consular - Artifice, Synthweaving, Biochem, CybertechSmuggler - Armormech, Armstech, Biochem, CybertechTrooper - Armormech, Armstech, Biochem, Cybertech EMPIRE Sith Warrior - Artifice, Synthweaving, Biochem, CybertechSith Inquisitor - Artifice, Synthweaving, Biochem, CybertechBounty Hunter - Armormech, Armstech, Biochem, CybertechImperial Agent - Armormech, Armstech, Biochem, Cybertech REVERSE ENGINEERING Reverse Engineering (RE) is the process of de-constructing an item in order to gain some of its crafting materials. There is also a chance of gaining a new recipe.The quality of the item determines what materials you receiveYou can only Reverse Engineer specific types of items you can craft yourself. For example synthweaving will only allow you to Reverse Engineer force user armours.When an item is reversed engineered, the item is destroyed in the process. Make sure you RE the correct item because once it is gone, it isn't coming back!Reverse engineering can be done at any time in the game, you do not require any form work benchTo reverse engineer an item simply click the golden RE icon in the upper right corner of your inventory.When clicked this will blackout any non-reversible items and highlight those you can Reverse.Simply click on the item you want to RE and you will begin doing so.After the item has been RE'd a loot table will pop up with the materials you gathered from the process. Click take all.An important aspect of Reverse Engineering is that it will be the only way to get certain patterns/recipes.Reverse Engineering a green item has a small chance to give you a blue schematic of the same itemReverse Engineering a blue item has a small chance to give you a purple schematic of the same itemIf you want to reverse engineer health packs or stims be careful because you will reverse engineer the whole stack! Make sure you split up stacks before you reverse engineer if you want to keep a specific quantity.To split a stack simply [sHIFT + CLICK] the item then drag the cursor into an inventory slot.There are two set paths reverse engineering an item can take. This is determined by the item type and can be split up accordingly. I will list both types of reverse engineering with the items that fall into the category shortly after it. 1. LINEAR - Item Modifications & consumables [PREMIUM] -> [PROTOTYPE] -> [ARTIFACT] Linear reverse engineering is exactly that, one path with one final outcome. Let's say you learn how to make a basic premium quality Medpac from your Biochem trainer. You make several and decide to reverse engineer them. If you are lucky, you will learn the improved version of the schematic. This will mean you can now make a prototype quality Medpac. Successfully reverse engineering this item has a chance to give you a new artifact quality schematic, you will then be able to craft an artifact quality Medpac. This is the end of the road for that item, as it can no longer be improved. There have been no reports of being able to reverse engineer an artifact schematic into a legendary schematic. 2. PREFIX - Crafted Armour & Weapons This is where things start to get a little tricky to fully understand. Prefix crafting only applies to items such as crafted armours and weapons, for these are the only crafted items which can branch out into various stats. It follows the same basic rule of a linear path, except it has more outcomes rather than one solid ending. Loose ends if you will. Let's say you start with a premium schematic you learnt from your crafting trainer. Successfully reverse engineering this item has a small chance to grant you an improved version of it. This new schematic will (as with the linear path) fall into the prototype quality. However this is where things start to differ! You could end up with either one of three different schematics of the same prototype quality. This schematic will fall into the Tier 1 prefix list. Falling in to one of these categories: TIER 1 PREFIX LIST [T1] [T1] CRITICAL - Grants you an item with +Crit[T1] OVERKILL - Grants you an item with +Power[T1] REDOUBT - Grants you an item with +Defence Now you might be thinking, "what if I don't get the one I need?" and the answer is simply, tough luck. You will have to keep reverse engineering more items until you get the Tier 1 Prefix you want. (as of patch 1.2 you can no longer learn the same schematic twice and will instead learn a different one, hooray!!) Having managed to successfully learn a prototype Tier 1 prefix schematic. You can now advance on to the Tier 2 prefix list. This is again, done by reverse engineering your prototype item. You will eventually end up with (as with the linear path) an artifact schematic. Now, depending on what Tier 1 prefix you reverse engineered from, will determine what Tier 2 prefix item you will get. The below list shows the Tier 2 prefix underneath the Tier 1 prefix it came from. TIER 2 PREFIX LIST [T2] [T1] CRITICAL - Grants you an item with +Crit[T2] FERVOR - Crit & Accuracy[T2] SUPREMACY - Crit & Alacrity[T2] LEADERSHIP - Crit & Presence[T2] TEMPEST - Crit & Shield[T2] ENDOWMENT - Crit & Surge[T1] OVERKILL - Grants you an item with +Power[T2] HAWKEYE - Power & Accuracy[T2] VEHEMENCE - Power & Alacrity[T2] COMMANDER - Power & Presence[T2] RAMPART - Power & Shield[T2] EXPERT - Power & Surge[T1] REDOUBT - Grants you an item with +Defence[T2] EXACTITUDE - Defence & Accuracy[T2] N/A - Defence & Alacrity[T2] GENERAL'S - Defence & Presence[T2] VERACITY - Defence & Shield[T2] ANTI-ARMOR - Defence & SurgeAnd that is pretty much the gist of it. You may also be wondering what happens if you originally learnt a prototype schematic from your trainer and start to reverse engineer it. Well, it follows the same rules as if starting from a premium schematic, the only thing is the [T1] prefix will be of artifact quality and so will the [T2] schematic that comes from it. MODIFICATION Modification is the process of enhancing an item so that it performs better in combat.Basically when you add a modification you are giving the item better statsMods can be bought via credits and commendations some can also be traded and sold to other players.You can modify many weapons and armours in game whenever you likeA general crafting table isn't required, you simply have to [CTRL+Right Click] the item you want to modifySimply drag and drop or [Right Click] the item into its designated slot and click apply for the mod to take effect.You can also de-mod an item, for a small feeTo de-mod an item Simply drag and drop the modification out of its slot and into your inventory, you will then be prompted with a message saying "this will cost however many credits" and click OK. The mod will then be in your inventory and you can place another in its place.If you don't remove the mod from its slot before placing another, the previous mod will be REPLACED and destroyed.Colour crystals change the colour of your weapons effect. These items also have stats on them which means at some point in time you will have to decide whether to keep the colour you want or choose the colour with the better stats.Also note that some colour crystals (and various other items) are forbidden to certain ranks within the Light or Dark side of the force. For example, red lightsaber crystals are forbidden to Rank 1 Light or above.When crafting item modifications (mods, enhancements, etc), a critical success now yields double the quantity of modifications. COMPANIONS For more information regarding companions and leveling please look at the newcomer guide here.Companions can be sent to sell all the grey items in your inventory. Simply hit 'N' to open up the companion window and click the icon below the orange head. You will then have to confirm and it will take your companion approximately 3 minutes to complete.Companions can be sent to gather resources and other items from your crew skills. They can however fail and come back with nothing. To do this open your companion window, select the skill and choose a mission to send it on. It will cost a small amount of money and take 3 minutes or more.Often your companion will want to talk with you in private. Head to a Cantina or your space ship to initiate the chatCompanions gain and lose affection during story scenes depending on what choices you make. If there is an easy way to see how this happens, I havent seen it. For now you will simply have to make an educated guess based on your companion's personality. If they are aggressive they will often react positively to the darkside choices and vice versa.A positive companion affection decreases the time of crew skill tasks and opens up some side quests.Companions can use the crafting items in your bank so there is no need to lug around excess materials!When you open up your crew skill on your companion window, you will notice your companion has certain traits at the bottom. These could say +10 synthweaving efficiency and +2 biochem criticalEFFICIENCY - Reduces the time it takes to complete a crew skill task in both crafting and running a crew skill mission. The higher the efficiency, the less time it takes. CRITICAL - Improves your chances on returning with a rarer item or crafting an item with an augment slot or producing double the quantity of items (mods, grenades etc). The higher the crit rating, the higher the chance occurring. You should look through your companions traits and see who is best for what, it can save you a lot of time if you choose to send a companion with slicing efficiency on a slicing mission.A list of all companion traits can be found below, along with their name and other useful information.Each gathering and mission skill has a range of mission levels. Depending on which you choose to send your companion on, will determine if you increase a skill level or not.To change your mission difficulty, open up the companion window 'N'. Select the crew skill you want your companion to be deployed on then look at the top right of the panelSelect a difficulty range from the drop down menu. The difficulty range will increase as you increase your level.The difficulty ranges as follows, with the highest difficulty on top and the lowest on the bottom. The skill-up chance is also shown after the mission level.ORANGE - 2 points YELLOW - 1 point (sometimes 2) GREEN - 1 point GREY - None You can send up to 5 companions on a crew skill task at the same time at level 49+The 5 you send (or any amount) can all be doing the same crew skill if you wish. Here is a list of the Max Deployable companions relative to your level: [Level 10] - 1 [Level 15] - 2 [Level 25] - 3 [Level 41] - 4 [Level 48] - 5 This guide is brought to you by: Goshee
  21. My hobby within my hobby, fishing in ArcheAge breaks new ground in my MMO playing history; for the first time in forever, I’m enjoying this fishing stuff. It caught me by surprise. I’m not a big fan of mini-games, and I’m not particularly fond of cooking professions, but as it turns out, that’s not what fishing in ArcheAge is about at all. No, in ArcheAge, fishing is a fully fledged profession where you brave the dangerous oceans, seeking out bigger and bigger fish to turn in for cold, hard cash – that’s a fishing profession even I can get behind. Getting Your Feet WetWhile the end goal is exciting, fishers in ArcheAge must start from humble, simpler beginnings. If you’re shy of grinding or light of pocket book turn back now, because there’s a long and pricey road between you and any semblance of profit. Fishing begins with what is colloquially (and accurately) known as “AFK-fishing”, a simple activity initiated by right clicking on the fishing ability and left clicking in water while having worms in your inventory. This initiates auto-cast mode, in which, external interference aside, your character will continually fish until your labor or worms are consumed. Worms, which are acquired by farming seed bundles or buying them from other players, are quite pricey; AFK-fishing will always result in a net financial loss. While disheartening given the thousands of worms you’re going to need simply to begin sport fishing effectively, it makes sense; if it were profitable, gold farmers and botters would have a field day. A beautiful shot of me throwing my money into the sea. AFK-fishing rewards players with basic fish of white, green, or blue quality, as determined by the fish’s species. Multiple fish of the same species can be combined to create Dawn Lake Light Essence, a reagent used in alchemy, with the quantity required to do so lessening as the quality of the fish rises. However, the market value of Dawn Lake Light Essence is not materially greater than the vendor price of the fish, so, given the tremendous burden hoarding fish puts on inventory space, most choose to simply vendor them for gold. Some species of fish are used to create chum buckets by the cooking profession; these are used when sport fishing to prep the waters. In addition to fish, lock boxes can also be acquired and usually contain Gilda Stars and Nui’s Tears (said to be removed when 1.0 hits), rare crafting reagents, or some pieces of gear. These boxes are rare enough that while their contents provide a nice bonus, over a long enough time-line they are not sufficient to make AFK-fishing profitable. During your early grind, you should pick up the fishing quest found in Ezna Harbor for Western players, or Lute Song Harbor for those on the Eastern faction. This quest chain will send you AFK-fishing through several zones and climates, rewarding you with a pair ofTreaded Wellingtons, which increase your fishing proficiency by 500 while equipped, and the titleDiscriminating Tastes, which provides you with another 100 proficiency while active. Big Game FishingAfter a long and arduous grind, you’ll eventually be able to sail out in the ocean and begin sport fishing; this is where the money is made. Though it can be attempted earlier, I would personally recommend attaining at least 10,000 proficiency before attempting sport fishing, and grinding to 30,000 before getting too serious about it. The higher proficiencies and the better quality rods that come with them will make it both possible and quicker to catch the much more lucrative medium and large fish. Once captured, these fish can be turned in at a fish stand similarly to a trade-pack for gold. Here’s how it’s done. Find the Fish Unlike AFK-fishing, sport fishing can only be done by tracking down a school in the wild. On the sea, where sport fishing is most profitable, these locations are marked by flocks of seagulls circling above the area, which can either be seen from a distance, or tracked using the fishing ship’s radar. The radar is extremely helpful, but with the fishing ship’s costly construction materials, most will be doing it by sight for a long while. Incite the Fish Once you’ve found a school of fish, you’re going to need to induce a frenzy by chumming the waters; this is where the fish you caught earlier come in. For saltwater fishing, you can use cooking to craft Roosterfish, Sardines, Pike, and Mackerel into buckets of chopped fish from each of their respective varieties; each of these buckets can be used to lure a different type of saltwater sport fish. Dumping the correct bucket of fish into the school will allow you to begin sport fishing. Catch the Fish With a frenzy incited, you’re ready to begin fishing. Instead of worms, sport fishing requires pricier lures created by handicrafters out of rare materials. To begin, simply select the sport fishing ability, click in the frenzy with the targeting reticle, and you’ll cast your line. This begins a long channel during which a fish could bite at any moment, but it is possible (and probable at low proficiency) that you won’t get a bite. The waiting game. Once a fish spawns, you engage in a briskly paced mini-game as you attempt to wear its health down, ultimately securing its capture. The premise is simple; throughout the encounter, your nemefish will gain buffs with icons corresponding to abilities on your special action bar. Press the abilities when the buffs come up, and with a little bit of luck, the fish will be yours. A few tips: Your fishing rod abilities can be rebound, which is much faster than trying to click and affords better camera maneuverability if you get a particularly rowdy fish. Under Key Settings: Game Keybinds, bind the keys labelled “Status-sensitive Shortcut Slot #XX” to whatever you’d like. This will affect the skills given by many items, such as gliders, portable harpoon cannons, ships, or a fishing rod.The directional abilities control the fish’s ability to move, while the Reel In and Big Reel In abilities deal massive damage.Once a fish is on the line, you’ll be able to move around without breaking the line. If a fish gets too far away or breaks line of sight, you can jump in the water to get back in the game.As with anything in ArcheAge, sport fishing is best done in a group. Use the buddy system and stay safe. Do your net work socially.Don’t get pirated. Pirates love fish.Liquidate the Fish You’ve caught a fish, and now you want to turn it into gold. Turning a fish in is easy – simply head to a nearby port, find a fish stand, and turn it in. Unlike trade-packs, sport fish prices are not dependent on the location of the turn in; you’ll make just as much money in a starter zone as you would on Freedich. Once there, cash in your fish, revel in your gold, and do it all over again. Turning this poor guy in before he does whatever the fish equivalent of drowning is. Let’s go with reverse drowning. The Deadliest CatchWell, those are the basics. The life of a fisherman in ArcheAge is exciting, with every outing offering a new opportunity for adventure. Will you narrowly escape the grasp of some filthy pirates, or will you hook the biggest, baddest fish in the sea and bring in over 100 gold? Even that payout will pale in comparison to the fishing contest, which, when enabled, will reward those who get the biggest fish during the weekly contest.
  22. The world of ArcheAge is vast and seamless, with a huge range of landscapes from arid deserts to tropical shores to forbidding mountain peaks. In keeping with the theme of choosing one’s own path, there are also a variety of transportation options throughout the lands – both player-controlled and automated. MOUNTS Your first mount will likely come from one of the early quests in the game, but those and others are also available from various merchants or as rare rewards. Mounts are generally obtained as babies, and you’ll need to raise and care for them until they grow into a suitable companion! Once grown to an adult, mounts can be summoned into the world. They act like a separate character, in that they have their own health bar, stats, experience amount and level, slots for equipment, and collision. You can ride your mount or have them follow you as you run around; mounts also have different abilities that are gained as they level and can be used while you’re riding. They will also be attacked by hostile NPCs – or hostile players – bent on disabling your means of escape! Mounts can be named, and will display this name over their head when rider-less. Target your mount when summoned and right click their health bar to rename them. Some mounts, namely the horses, elk, and snowlions, have the ability to carry more than one character. The owner acts as the main rider and controls the mount, while another member of their faction can mount up behind and be transported. This is especially handy for moving trade packs. The mount’s owner can dismount passengers at any time. Each playable race has a different racial mount type, offered in three color options during an early mount-raising quest line in the starting zones. Elf: Elk Firran: Snowlion Harani: Leomorph Nuian: Horse Your mount will gain experience as it travels and when it is summoned (and alive!) during combat where you defeat experience-granting mobs. Higher level means more health and mana, as well as unlocking mounted abilities and access to sturdier mount armor. Armor gives your mount additional protection and is visible to others when equipped. Basic armor can be purchased from stables, but there are special sets that can be obtained as drops or during events. If your mount is defeated, it will enter an injured state and collapse. It’s possible for you to encourage it to get up, but your mounted speed will be reduced by 30% until the mount is healed. Mounts will not gain experience while injured. Stablemasters in many villages will offer to heal your injured mount for a fee. You can also carry mount recovery potions to treat your companion in the field. GLIDERS Gliders are a unique take on flying mounts that allow you to control your character in the air while also taking into account gravity, height, duration of flight, and potential obstacles in your path. Gliders will always tend to, well, glide down; different models have more or less time and ability to stay aloft. Gliders are equipped to your character’s back in the same slot a trade or resource pack would occupy, thus preventing you from gliding while also carrying a heavy load! The basic glider is offered through an early quest line and can be upgraded through the crafting system at various levels. There are multiple different glider models, including one dropped by the legendary Kraken. Every glider has a set of ratings in these basic stats: • Flight Speed: Speed of forward movement. • Gliding Ability: How quickly it loses altitude. • Turning Speed: How quickly (and thus sharply) it can turn. • Descent Speed: Does it start out fast or take time to build up speed? In addition, gliders can have a combination of special abilities such as an upward boost to quickly gain altitude, the ability to drop explosives on targets below, self-destruction, quick side-rolls, etc. BOATS The oceans in ArcheAge are expansive, with numerous mapped and unmapped islands and points of interest to discover. Travel on the high seas can be both dangerous and rewarding, and the game provides a range of ships with unique features – as well as strengths and weaknesses – to get you out on the water. Rowboat The rowboat is provided during early-level quests to every character. This two-seat craft is slow and doesn’t have a lot of frills other than a light at the bow; it’ll get you there in a pinch, but leaves you very vulnerable to attack from both players and monsters if you stray too far from the coast. Clippers: Harpoon Clipper and Adventure Clipper The trimaran is commonly referred to as the “speedboat,” being small, fast, and highly maneuverable. This inexpensive adventuring boat provides a great introduction to the range of ocean content available in the game. There are two versions of the Clipper; both share the same design and movement abilities. The Adventure Clipper is a well-rounded explorer’s boat; it comes with an underwater breathing apparatus and a side-mounted cannon which can be manned by a passenger. The ability to open or return fire will come in handy in a tight spot, and the Clipper’s maneuverability means it can get more than a few hits in against a larger, slower boat. The Harpoon Clipper comes outfitted with two underwater breathing devices, a portable harpoon cannon which can be wielded by a passenger, and a front-mounted large harpoon which can be manned by a passenger. Harpoons come in handy for latching on to other ships, as when using the Clipper to chase down high value targets for boarding …. Captain Abilities: • Captain’s Intuition: Greatly increases the Ranged Attack Evasion of the person at the helm. Merchant Ship Long, low, and fast, the merchant’s ship is a two-masted speed machine for bulk transport of resource and trade packs across the seas. Twenty packs can be stored in the crates on deck, two cannoneers can man the cannons mounted left and right mid-ship, and a spotter can be posted on the bow telescope to monitor the area for incoming boats. At full speed and closing head-on, it might not be much warning, though! Two underwater breathing devices are provided, perhaps in case you drop something overboard. Despite its speed, this workhorse is not particularly maneuverable, and a fully loaded merchant ship is the juiciest prize on the seas. Bring defenders! Captain Abilities: • Captain’s Intuition: Greatly increases the Ranged Attack Evasion of the person at the helm. • Quick Turn: Temporarily increases the turning ability of the boat. Warships: Eznan Cutter and Lutesong Junk Warships are the height of naval power and the pride of their respective factions. These large, powerful ships pack heavy firepower, can take a beating, and provide a base for smaller, faster strike teams. The two types of warship have distinctive appearances themed after the two continents’ heritage, though they can be piloted by members of either faction. The features and functionality are the same on both ships. Warships are slow to move and slow to turn. On the flip side, they can laugh off all but the nastiest of sea creatures, and probably most solo small boats they come across. Warships are at their best when manned by a good-sized crew, as they come with multiple features: • A portable harpoon gun on the rear deck can be equipped by a crewmember. • Large light sources at the rear of the ship keep the captain’s area illuminated. • Eight cannons, four per side, stand ready to rain destruction on your targets. • Four storage chests suited for trade or resource packs. • A mid-ship or crow’s nest compass with intermediate range gives you a good overview of forces in your area. • Extendable planks on either side are not just for walking; you can launch yourself and your glider from these as they “open,” and they make good landing pads as well. • Below the deck, six underwater breathing devices support treasure hunting (or stealth operations – you decide!). Captain Abilities: • Captain’s Intuition: Greatly increases the Ranged Attack Evasion of the person at the helm. • Quick Turn: Temporarily increases the turning ability of the boat. • Ship Charge: Temporarily increases forward movement speed. • Turbulence: Pulses knock gliders out of the air within 50 meters of the ship. The Black Pearl There are those who will swear that a third type of warship lurks offshore, one whose plans are never sold by a reputable shipwright. No, the designs for this ship are a secret, carried separately in many small pieces, and it can only be built after all of them have been assembled. The sightings report it is shaped much like the usual warship, but modified for increased speed and storage. Her dark sails unmistakable, her purpose obvious, the Black Pearl is legend and nightmare combined. Fishing Boat The fishing boat is a specialized craft for sport fishing. While it has some common features like a front-mounted harpoon and storage crates, its real strength is the central compartment that can hold several large fish, along with two rear hooks to carry extra-large specimens. This boat also comes equipped with sonar to detect large fish schools within range. If the goal of your seafaring is advanced fishing, this is your ride! Building and Summoning Your Boat All boats follow a similar path for creation. You first need to buy or acquire the plans and appropriate materials to build a drydock on open water. Once built, a drydock will last only three days, so be sure you can provide the rest of the boat-building materials in time! Bring resource packs to the drydock in the order required (based on type of ship you’re building) to progress construction. Once complete, the boat will be launched, and you will be able to summon and de-summon it from a deed in your inventory. Having a boat summoned will greatly increase your logout timer, so it’s a good idea to manually de-summon them before logging out. They will also be automatically de-summoned if you move too far away. Enemies can take over the steering of your boat, but ownership will remain yours; they cannot de-summon it to their inventory. Custom Sails The design that appears on a boat’s sails can be customized as part of the user-created content system. This can be guild crests or personally designed images that you upload to the game! GROUND TRANSPORT Farm Wagon The Farm Wagon is a crafted land vehicle that acts as a summoned object, similar to a boat. While slower than a mount, it provides a couple of useful benefits. As a farm utility, it can be used to bulk-water planted crops with the sprayer on the front end. Perhaps more useful to some are the four storage crates that can carry trade or resource packs on the back of the cart. These allow a single player to drastically increase the efficiency of their land trade routes, though you may want to bring guards for more dangerous areas! Vehicles These high-end, mid-tech roadsters require significant investment to build and maintain. Accidents* are common and safety features are lacking in these high-speed wood and metal contraptions, but it’s hard to beat their style while also being able to transport two trade or resource packs in the storage compartment. * Warning: Traffic codes do not exist in ArcheAge. WORLDGATES Players also have the ability to quickly travel between memorized locations using reagents known as Hereafter Stones. As you travel through Nuia and Haranya, you’ll come across large registers in towns called Memory Tomes. Just coming close to one will record its location in a book provided to every character at creation. Interacting with a Memory Tome will set it as your recall point, which you can return to any time with your Recall ability. Opening a Worldgate to a location saved in your teleport book is as simple as opening the book, selecting the specific location you wish to travel to, and clicking the green portal icon at the bottom right. A Hereafter Stone will be consumed if traveling within your continent, or a Refined Hereafter Stone if the travel is cross-continental, and a worldgate will be summoned in front of your character. Run toward and jump (literally, jump!) into the gate to teleport. Worldgates are one-way from the location of the summoner. They can be used by anyone, however, including people not grouped with you. They last only a short while, so make sure you’re ready to go when one is created! You’ll see the name of the summoner and the destination zone above the worldgate as an overhead name. In addition to the designated Memory Tome locations in the game, you can also add the location of player-built houses to your teleport book by using the house’s fireplace. Buy Memory Ink from a general merchant and bring it to the house whose location you wish to memorize. Light the fireplace and use the memorization option to add the house’s location to your teleport book! You can now return there at any time using Worldgates and Hereafter Stones just like other Memory Tome locations. AUTOMATED TRANSPORT ROUTES Most transportation in ArcheAge is player-driven, but there are systems for limited air and land transport along automatic routes that one can catch at designated stations. Carriages Carriages run back-and-forth routes between two Carriage Stations. These often cross zone boundaries and are used as transport between zones. You can jump on and off carriages at any time, and they also offer four bench seats that will help secure your character (and any pack cargo you might have) to the carriage. Carriage Stations at either end of the route offer a telescope that lets you view approaching carriages from a sizeable distance. Airships Airships fly between two designated Airship Towers. These tend to be routes that cut significant time off of ground travel, but may require waiting at the tower for the airship to arrive. Once on board, you can also jump off of an airship mid-route, but gliders are recommended; these machines fly high above the ground! You should also exercise caution while riding airships unattended; watch out for shady characters hoping to isolate a target or push unaware travelers over the railings!
  23. As a companion to the Exploring ArcheAge livestream series, we’d also like to introduce ArcheAge Feature Guides that dive into the topics covered on the livestream in higher detail. In this week’s Feature Guide, we take a closer look at the ins and outs of the land ownership and housing system, including how land is claimed, how farms and houses can be used, and how it’s kept. Player Housing and Farms In ArcheAge, players have the opportunity to actually own property located out in the game world. Houses and farms are not instanced, meaning they are visible to anyone passing by; they have a real location, like “across the road from Windshade Village” or “on the south coast of Villanelle”. Choosing where to live involves weighing your access to conveniences, climates, pleasing environments, and availability of land. Keep reading to hear what you can expect out of land ownership in the game. Types of Property Farms There are two sizes of farm: 8×8 meters and 16×16 meters. These come from a set of farming quests offered very early in the game by the Blue Salt Brotherhood. Once placed, farms have a single step of construction where you provide wood for the scarecrow in the center. This step is an important one! When a farm is first placed, the land is claimed by your character, but anyone can still plant or harvest from it. Building the scarecrow is what allows you to lock the farm’s access to you. A more advanced type of farm is the Aquafarm. This is a 16×16 farm that can only be placed underwater in specified areas, usually near the coastline. Aquafarms have a central air supply rather than a scarecrow, which allows you to refill your breath and stay underwater longer. This type of farm allows for the cultivation of corals, kelps, and shells that you can’t otherwise grow. Houses Houses come in a variety of pre-made designs that fit into the following categories: • Small: 16×16 meters • Farmhouse: 24×24 meters (a small house on a medium plot of land) • Medium: 24×24 meters • Large: 28×28 meters • Mansion: 44×44 meters These dimensions refer to the actual footprint of land around the house, which is protected and can be used to grow plants and livestock just like a farm. The house sitting in that footprint may have more or less interior space, even within the same size category! Houses are bought as deeds on Mirage Isle where one can take a tour through life-sized demo houses for each layout, see mini models of the different color and material options available for each type of house, and see deed details like the amount and type of resources needed to actually build the house once placed. A variety of appearance options for the same house type displayed for purchase on Mirage Isle. Claiming Land, aka Placing Property The act of claiming a piece of land is often referred to as “placing” a house or farm. Throughout all of the lands of ArcheAge, there are designated areas where housing and farms can be placed. These housing areas may have restrictions on the size or type of property that can go there, such as only small farms or only medium or larger homes, aka Luxury Housing. You’ll see some of these indicated by icons on the map, but just as many are unmarked, to be found by enterprising explorers. A player housing area with houses both complete and in-progress. There are many factors that determine how desirable a particular housing area is, and different players will have different priorities! • Housing areas are available in protected zones, zones that have occasional wartime periods, and open PvP lands. • Some housing areas have a small “community center” with some combination of water well, farming seed vendors, basic crafting stations, auctioneers, mail and warehouse NPCs, or Mirage Island portals. • Regional Specialties, the crafts used in trade routes, can only be made at specified crafting stations. There are typically two of these per zone, located at different housing areas. • Ocean access is often a priority for loading merchant ships. • A zone’s climate (temperate, tropical, arid, etc) impacts growth of different crops; plants have a preferred climate. • Naturally appearing resources vary widely between zones. • Visual appeal. Many people have a preference in what they want the area around their land to look like. • In a nutshell: location, location, location! A patio with a view. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, right clicking the deed in your inventory puts you into placement mode. At your cursor will be a full size representation of the completed property and the borders of its footprint, which will highlight as red until you’ve fit it into a valid placement location. In this mode you will also see vertical posts that designate the border of a housing area. There’s a grid system that determines the facing of the square property footprint, but once you’ve clicked to select the location of the property, you can rotate the house or scarecrow within that square however you wish. Left: House placement blocked. Right: House placement allowed! Of course, having an “address” means the tax system can find you! As soon as you place a property, you’ll owe the first and second week’s taxes. More on those later. Under Construction: Building Your Dream Home Farms have a very simple construction phase: a few boards for the small one, a single pack of lumber for the large. Houses get more complex, with different materials required in a specific order and multiple construction stages. Building materials are measured in “packs”, which is a backpack of 100 refined materials (lumber from logs, stone bricks from raw stone, ingots from iron ore, etc.). A player can carry a single backpack at any given time, and the act of carrying one restricts your movement speed and ability to teleport or glide. In the case of larger house build projects, you might want to bring some friends! Anyone can bring a pack to a home under construction and add to the progress if they so choose. House building UI showing the order and type of resource packs required for construction. This house requires 10 stone packs, 5 iron ingot packs, and 5 lumber packs. Check the deed for the specific floorplan-which can be moused over on Mirage Isle-to see the materials required for that house. Even within the same floorplan, individual deeds will require the same total number of packs, but might have different amounts of each type based on the materials used for the home’s exterior; the mostly-wood version of a house will require more wood and less stone, but the mostly-stone version is opposite. While the deed to the house or farm is returned to you in the event that you demolish the structure or fail to pay taxes for two weeks, the materials used in construction are not. The Cost of Ownership Property taxes are due weekly and are paid in advance. The bill is received and paid through the in-game mail system, so you can pay your balance from almost anywhere! Taxes start out fairly small, but increase exponentially with larger house sizes and ownership of more than three properties. Medium and larger homes really are “luxury” housing; you’d best make sure you can afford the upkeep if you want to build one! Should you fail to pay your taxes for a week, you’ll owe a late payment penalty but your property will remain safe. If you fail to pay them for 2 weeks in a row, the house will go unprotected and eventually disappear, perhaps quite rapidly with a little “help” from someone looking to take over the location! If you’re looking to get rid of a property in a more profitable manner, ArcheAge offers a secure house sale system. You set the price and whether the sale is intended for a specific buyer (as in a pre-arranged sale) or offered to anyone passing by. Furnishings and Features A wide variety of furnishings can be used to decorate or customize your space. Some are placed outdoors, like planters or fences. Other items, like chairs or bookshelves, can only be placed inside of a house. Furniture, art pieces, lighting, decorative plants… there’s a lot to choose from! Player-arranged furnishings in a house. Furniture can be crafted and sold among players, or bought from the demo homes on Mirage Isle. Some decorative items are found as random drops in the world. Farms and houses both have a limit on the number of decorative items they can hold based on the size of the property. A house can contain a maximum of two storage chests. Chests come in different sizes (number of storage slots) and can also be crafted or purchased. Regal Workstations are crafting stations required for higher-level recipes. These can be purchased and placed in your home. Some additional furnishings provide a bonus to specific crafting skills when they’re placed in a house and you use a crafting workstation there. A home’s fireplace is not just decorative; when lit, it can be used as a cooking workstation, or entered into a player’s list of teleport locations for easy return trips. Houses and farms offer a few different access levels. They default to private, owner-only access, but through the house information menu you can set this to members of your family, members of your guild, or the general public. This allows them to plant, tend, and harvest crops, open doors and windows, and use crafting stations or other general installations. Only the owner can pick up furnishings at any access level. Unusual Structures For those players living in more remote housing areas, Mirage Isle sells plans for player-built and owned versions of several basic crafting stations. These are placed in housing areas and owned by an individual, just like other properties, though the footprint is smaller and the taxes lower. Marine Housing makes the ocean your back yard… literally! An update to ArcheAge brought a new type of house; Marine Housing. These tropics-themed homes are placed in marine housing areas of relatively shallow water, and combine easy access to ocean-based content along with the benefit of aquafarming at the base of the house’s stilts. They also make great vacation homes!
  24. Original Source The Farm Wagon, also referred to as a tractor, is a vehicle in ArcheAge that all traders should aspire to build at some point. It provides a significant boost in efficiency by allowing you to carry multiple trade packs at once and even at a faster pace than a Donkey, especially if you use fuel to boost your speed. In this guide I am going to cover absolutely everything you need to know about getting a tractor and building it. Building a Farm WagonUsing a Farm WagonUpgrading a Farm WagonTo begin, you can’t build a Farm Wagon without the required design! You can purchase the design in Mirage Isle, you can teleport there using the portals found near auctioneers. At the time of this guide you can purchase the Farm Wagon Design for 50 Gilda Stars. You may also be able to purchase it on the Auction House but this is not always possible, especially when the game launches and Gilda Stars become more difficult to get in great numbers. Once you have acquired the recipe we can now start to look at materials. The first thing you will need is 4 Strong Wheels but luckily you get 2 each time you craft them. Strong WheelTo craft 2 Strong Wheels you need 4 Archeum Logs and 1 Sturdy Ingot. Once again you can purchase these materials of the Auction House but that may not always be possible. Archeum Logs are gained from chopping down Archeum Trees. The bad news is that Archeum Trees can’t be found in the wild, you have to purchase them from Mirage Isle for 3 Gilda Stars. You can find them directly across from the Farm Wagon design, next to the cows. Archeum Trees aren’t like other trees. They require water to grow, but not any kind of water – they require Auroria Mineral Water which can only be found at, you guessed it, Auroria. Auroria Mineral Water can be found around Auroria, most notably near flaming forests. They look very similar to ore veins as you can see. You need to extract them from the ground via mining and it will appear as a trade pack on your back. You need to remove your glider before you mine it because your glider fills your trade pack equipment slot. Once you extract the Mineral Water you need to take it to your Archeum Tree and water it. Once the tree has grown, you can chop it down for Archeum Logs. Remember that you will need more than one Archeum Tree because you require 8 Archeum Logs in total. The next item needed to make Strong Wheels is 2 Sturdy Ingots. These are slightly easier to get your hands on. To craft a single sturdy ingot you need 8x Iron Ingot, 1x Copper Ingot, 1x Silver Ingot and 1x Opaque Polish. The only slightly difficult item on that list is the Opaque Polish because the ingots can be easily acquired through mining Iron and Fortuna Veins. Opaque Polish requires a material called Charcoal Stabilizer. This can only be obtained by delivering trade packs to the Resource Trader in Solis Headlands or Two Crowns – you need to deliver the packs to the opposite continent that you started on to be able to trade for resources. You can purchase it on the auction house to but it can be pricey. If possible, just get a group of friends/guild members and head to Solis with some trade packs. Once acquired you will be able to craft your Strong Wheels. Next item on the agenda is a Solid Shaft which is easily the most expensive and hard to get material you need. Solid ShaftThe reason is that you need two Thunderstruck Tree and a Sunridge Ingot to craft it. Thunderstruck Trees are incredibly rare. They are created when lightning strikes a tree during the growing stages. I won’t go into the full details of this as it can get quite lengthy, if you need more information on Thunderstruck Trees I will refer you to our guide on them. Sunridge Ingots can be expensive to obtain. You need 10 Sturdy Ingots, which we have already covered above. You need 5 Mysterious Garden Powder which is a rare drop from monsters in the world. The drop chance is higher from elite monsters but depending on your free time you may want to purchase it from the auction house. Finally you need Rough Polish to craft the Sunridge Ingot. This won’t be readily available right aware at release because it requires 10,000 alchemy to craft. In addition to that you also need 3x Rock Salt Stabilizer which can only be obtained by delivering trade packs to a Resource Trader in either Solzreen Peninsula or Villanelle. Once you have acquired the 2x Thunderstruck Trees and a Sunridge Ingot you can now craft a Solid Shaft at a carpentry workbench. Your tractor won’t be very useful if it won’t move so we need to build the engine! High Power EngineTo craft a High Power Engine you need: 5x Flaming Log, 10x Silver Ingot, 10x Gold Ingot, 1x Archeum Ingot. All of the ingots are obtained via mining Iron and Fortuna Veins. Once again you do have the option of purchasing of the auction house if you have no gold issues. The flaming log, which can also be purchased from the auction house, can be obtained in Auroria. In the zone of Marcala there is a flaming forest, shown in the picture below. (Click to Enlarge) Once you arrive at this forest you need to look around until you find a Blazing Tree. They look exactly like the other trees in the area but you can interact with them. Once you find one you will see that you need water to extinguish it. Ordinary water will not do the job, you need Auroria Mineral Water. Fortunately you should be able to find some nearby. Just mine it and bring it to the tree to extinguish the fire. When you extinguish the flames the tree will turn into either a Cooling Tree or a Smoldering Tree. A Cooling Tree can only be harvested for Fiery Seeds, used in crafting other items. If it is a Smoldering Tree then you can chop it down and you typically get 3 Flaming Logs from it so you will need to chop down 2 Smoldering Trees to get enough for your High Power Engine. I highly recommend just running around the area first because you may find some trees that are Smoldering already so you won’t need the water. Last but not least is the Cart Bucket. This is where you will store your trade packs when moving them around. Cart BucketThankfully this is one of the easier items to craft. You just need 2x Copper Ingots and 2x Leather. The Copper Ingots are obtainable through mining, as mentioned previously. The Leather is crafted from pelt at a Leather Workbench. If you have no leather/pelt you can get it from butchering livestock. If you are in no rush then a Cow or a Goat can yield a lot of pelt but they have a long mature time. The fast track would be to use Turkey’s because they can mature in 6 hours. Even though Turkey’s don’t yield a lot of pelt, 4-6 when thriving, you don’t need much. To get the required amount of Leather needed for the Cart Bucket you only need 6 pelt which you can get from placing 2x Turkeys on your farm. Alternatively you have the option of purchasing from the auction house. Congratulations, you now have the required materials to build your Farm Wagon! Visit your nearest carpentry workbench and get crafting! This will be the result of your hard work. Now that you have built a Farm Wagon you will notice that when you are mounted on it you have a skill bar such as the one below. The Farm Wagon comes equipped with a few very useful skills for any farmer. I have outlined them individually below. Owner’s MarkThis is a buff that you apply to your Farm Wagon for 90 seconds. It prevents other people from mounting your Farm Wagon and driving it away. You should apply the Owner’s Mark when you are crafting Trade Packs so that you don’t have to worry about people driving off with your Farm Wagon. First Round in New MorningThis is a primary skill that you will be using pretty much anytime you are carrying trade packs on your Farm Wagon. You consume 1x Eco-Friendly Fuel to increase the speed of your Farm Wagon by 50% for 8 minutes. The duration of the buff stacks but the effect does not. You can craft Eco-Friendly Fuel at a Farmer’s Workstation. The required materials are 5x Fresh Fertilizer and 1x Hay Bale per fuel. Sound HornDoes exactly what it says, sounds the horn. Beep Beep! Water PlantConsumes 10x Water to water the area in front of your tractor. Incredibly useful if you fill your farm with crops/seed bundles because you can water them all in one click of a button. Massive time saver. Create WaterYes, your tractor has the power to fuse 2 part Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen to create water from nowhere. You don’t even need a well, it is your own infinite source of water. Each cast creates 10x Water. Now that you have a Farm Wagon and know how to use it, you can take it to a new level and upgrade it. On the in game store you can purchase a Wagon Upgrade Ticket for 2385 credits. Please keep in mind that this price may change in future. You can also sell/purchase the Wagon Upgrade Ticket on the auction house so it is worth doing a price check because it may be possible to get it cheaper on the auction house. Once you have it, go to your nearest Carpentry Workbench, open the Machining crafting menu, select Vehicles and you can convert your Farm Wagon into a Farm Hauler. The Farm Hauler moves slightly faster than the Farm Wagon and has extra capacity to carry two additional trade packs, bringing the grand total to 7 Trade Packs at once, if you include the one on your own back. Note: You can upgrade the tractor even further to a Red Farm Hauler however the Red Hauler Fusion Certificate needed to do this is not available in the game yet. This page will be updated when it is available.
  25. Phase 1 Tanks The tanks split the two sides of the room. They will focus on tanking the Dread Monsters, but if possible can pick up the smaller Dread Larvae. One tank will only ever be tanking one dread monster (this will be the one the dps are killing)and the second tank with hold onto the other monsters currently in play. When the solo monster dies, the first tank taunts a new monster over to be killed next. Dps - Dread Tentacle -This add will randomly target someone and cast an attack called “Spit”. This attack is an 6s cast and needs to be interrupted. These are a priority target. Standing within melee range will prevent future “Spit’s” from being cast. Dread Larva - These cast an AOE attack that hits for around 6k dmg to the raid, they are very weak and die rather quickly. Dread Monster - These guys have a lot of HP and buff each other if they are close. They need to be tanked away from each other. Heals Split tanks and stand on platform or with melee DPS. The melee dps and ranged should both fall in range of AoE’s if placed correctly. Phase 2 and 3 Avoid standing in water for the next phases so no red puddles are dropped there. Adds will start spawning sub 50% from the corners and should be killed ASAP. Phase 3 is essentially the same as phase 2 except adds (same ones as in phase 1 except not as many) will spawn once again. Tank When Bestia becomes attackable (around 50s into the fight) whichever tank is free from monsters will pick her up and tank her near the door. She places a stacking debuff on the tanks which should be swapped of regularly (about 5/6 stacks). At 50% adds start spawning, ensure the monsters are tanked but you still need to tank swap. The tank on Bestia should ensure she isn’t near any adds as she buffs them. Bestia has a 3s channel called Dread Strike that on a fully stacked tank does massive damage. Switch accordingly. 11 stacks will kill you. DPS After a few of these add waves Bestia will come out and will drop red puddles on random raid members similar to the Kel’sara circles. These are an instant cast and there is no warning. If you do not move these circles will tick for around 12k dmg. Bestia also has a move called Combusting Seed which is a reticle that will explode for around 18k dmg when it ticks down after 10s. Try to not stand in the water if at all possible to avoid placing these circles in the water. Anyone with this debuff needs to be topped off. Once Bestia is at 50% phase 3 begins. Heals Stay with tank assignments and try to stay near platform to keep red puddle manageable. Top off players with Combusting Seed. [media ]
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